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Tonsilectomy complications???

I had chronic tonsil stones so my ENT decided it was time for my tonsils to come out. The recovery was hard. To make it worse, exactly a week after the tonsillectomy I coughed up a blood clot and had to ge emergency surgery the next day to remove another blood clot the ENT had found when we went after the first one. After that second surgery, it took over another week to feel that I was fully recovered. I didn’t have much time for relaxation though, since school started.
Choir is very important to me, but I noticed when I started singing that my voice wasn’t the same. My rage went down dramatically, and I felt pain when I sing. That was two weeks ago when we first started singing. I stopped this last week, but my throat now hurts all the time, sometimes more than others. It feels like someone is scratching sandpaper in my throat, and just today my whole throat closed up for a few seconds and I couldn’t breathe. It’s getting worse every day. And also, sometimes when I talk my voice cuts off, and that causes a sharp pain.
My main concern is when I laugh. I love to watch funny videos and laugh with my friends, but I can’t do that anymore. I feel severe pain, like I’m being stabbed, on the left side of my throat whenever I do. That’s where the blood clot was that the ENT surgically removed. I’m worried about that. Can anyone please tell me if i should make another ENT appointment? Or if I can treat this on my own somehow? Go to urgent care? And also if my vocal range will ever come back..? Sining is really important to me and it sucks not being able to sing at all now, and having a range that’s smaller than I had that I worked so hard for. But that’s less important. I’m more concerned about my health. I appreciate any answers. Thank you.  
-Long Shoe
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