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Fanconi's anemia & HCV infection

Does HCV infection itself or HCV treatment lead to chromosomal anomalies of Fanconi's anemia?
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The chromosomal DNA anomalies that cause Fanconi's Anemia are inherited; in other words, they are inborn.  They cannot be caused by either HCV infection nor HCV treatment.  The condition of Fanconi's Anemia is a recessive condition caused by DNA differences on the human chromosome, and are passed on from parent to child.  HCV infection and HCV treatment does not affect the human chromosome, so they CANNOT cause chromosomal anomalies nor can they cause Fanconi's Anemia.  However, HCV treatment can exacerbate the symptoms of Fanconi's Anemia in a person who has FA.  Hope that helps. ~eureka
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No, I’ve never heard of a connection.
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