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I am going to my family dr in july and he was gonna run some genetic tests for me do you suggest me hearing all the results or just the ...
Hello. I am brand new to this group. My daughter was just diagnosed with Goldberg Shprintzen Megacolon Syndrome. We have been searching f...
Hey, so i have a question about 2 "holes" i have under my chest,can i "fix" this problem? http://www.siz.co.il/my.php?i=iiyzjbddtmix.j...
My son is 9 months old and his head circumference is 50cm ( 100th percentile )amongst other symptoms. At birth he was diagnosed with M...
I am considering having my genome fully sequenced. Does anyone know how much this would cost? Thank you in advance.
I have been told that my DNA count is low. What does this mean?
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