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Hearing loss !

Hello Dr.Jordanna ,
I am a Medical Student ... My name is Joe ...
I would really appreciate it if you answer my question ...
I am falling in love with a deaf girl who has a cochlear implant and is hearing well ...
I am having concerns about our kids ...
Her Grand Grandfather had the same condition ... Her Mom and Dad are cousins and are both hearing .... She has one hearing sister and one other sister who has the same condition ...
For me , I don't have any history of hearing loss through the four generations in my family at all ...
I need your opinion , as quickly as possible ...
Thanks in Advance ,

This discussion is related to duplication of7q21.13 {large 1.68 -1.73mb} and deletion of 6p25.1 {large 208.45 - 240.91kb}.
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Hey Joe,
Medical student here as well. I know that most born deafness in the western world is caused by a mutation in a certain Connexin. I dont remember the particular gene but it can both be autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive. So if she has the dominant form that would give you 50-25% risk or else there risk is probably 0%. Since you dont have the defect gene. From what I read it sounds like an autosomal recessive form, so nothing to worry about.  

But at least get it checked! Good luck.
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