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High Norepinephrine,High Catecholamines

Norepinephrine- (0-399) mine is 1089

Catecholamines- (0-699) mine is 1189

Does this indicate that i have neuroblastoma or pheochromocytoma?

My endo told me i had a adrenal tumor and ran a 24 urine metanephrine test yesterday to today. Will get results back next Wednesday. He  is also running a metabolic panel and homone test.

I woke up yesterday and i was swollen underneath my left eye and this morning both are swollen underneath. I am also having intermittent pain in my lower left pelvic area and in my left side and midle to lower back.

Is neuroblastoma or pheochromocytoma curable in a 46 year old woman?

This discussion is related to Pheochromocytoma (Cancer).
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