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How does a saliva test help me to find my genetic disorders?

Please anyone explain me about saliva testing kit and it's uses.
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I'm no expert, that's for sure, but if this is something you bought over the internet it might or might not be reliable.  If you suspect you have a genetic disorder, you should go to your doctor, who will probably test your blood but could do swabs or other things with a lab that is certified and known.  The only other thing I know about this is, why are you doing this?  Let's say the test is accurate -- you might find all kinds of things you still have a low risk of ever getting or for which there's no known treatment.  It will cause you a lot of worry, but not a lot of good.  Let's say it's not accurate -- bought over the internet or other source that is scamming you.  You're still in for useless anxiety because it isn't accurate.  So again, if you really have reason to do this, do it with a physician, who can counsel you on whether it will actually discover whatever you're looking for or not.  My final point is, if you're just doing this because you're obsessing over diseases you have no reason to believe you have, your problem isn't a physical one.  If it's something else altogether, then hopefully someone on here has a much better scientific background on genetic testing than I do.  
Should add, if it's the science of genetics you're interested in, just Google it.
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