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Marfan and PVC

Has anyone ever heard of a link between Marfan sydrome and PVC or the symptoms of PVC and Marfan affecting the same areas of the heart?
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Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC) is caused by defect in electrical conduction of the heart.
Marfans can affect the heart, and cause valve leakage.
Theoretically, Marfans can cause leaking valves, leading to enlarged heart, leading to conduction defects, and thus finally causing PVC. This, however, is not a common occurance.
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HI Kim,

I am a 35 year old female with Marfan's syndrome. I was diagnosed at the age of 5. I have been having PVC"S for the past 8 years and up until a month ago they really didn't bother me much. However, last month I had severe PVC's that thru me into a panic attack and tachycardia and ended up in an ambulance headed to the ER. My regular cardiologist changed my betablocker to Metoprolol, and I have been doing some better. Still getting them on a very regular basis and they are starting to affect my activity. As far as the link between marfan's and PVC's I am not sure, I just thought I would put my 2 cents in. It is scary when the big one's come, my Dr. reassures me that they are not life threatening but I just cant convenience myself. I have had several family members with marfan's and all died at young ages in their 30's and 20's. I take this thing very seriously, and probably sometimes overreact and cause myself more harm. But, I have two small children and I worry about them and my health. Hope you are doing well, I would be interested in knowing how you are doing now, seems it was last october when you posted your question, and if you have found any more answers.
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