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Hello Doctors,
April 22, I had an encounter with a stripper in Tijuana Mexico, at a bachelor party. She put on my condom while I was not fully erect, ( I had trouble getting hard )
she proceeded to give me oral with the condom then partially inserted my penis in her vagina, I also fingered her clit while I tried to have sex. Partially erect I came midway between insertion. I got up and took the condom off. ( I'm not circumcised by the way.

3 weeks to the day I woke up with night sweat, later that week I had soreness in my muscles
by week 4 I had sever anxiety because I have a girlfriend with whom I have unprotected sex often ( I stopped after I felt bad 3 weeks after possible exposure)
night sweats, sore throat  and can't sleep for more than 4 hrs.
I received a oral swab test on week 4 that was negative
I then received a instant blood test at the begging of week 6 negative.

the end of week 6 I began to have small itch sensation all over my body coming and going
saturday  7 weeks after  possible exposure I feel my throat very tight of my lymph nodes (self observed)
I am currently awaiting the early test, the nurse said it will be conclusive

last saturday I was quite optimistic but after my throat being tight I am so depressed and shaking out of fear. My girlfriend said she had stomach problems last week nausea and soft stool and sore throat.

can I have these symptoms, and still be negative?

all the forum comments have said  I did not have a risk , which is good to hear but my symptoms are telling my brain I and ruined.

thank you

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Welcome to our Forum.  I have reviewed your multiple earlier interactions on the HIV Prevention Community site where you have repeatedly received accurate assessments and sound advice.  Most commercial sex workers do not Have HIV, UNPROTECTED exposures only lead to transmission about once in every 1000 sex acts and condom protected sex such as you had  is SAFE sex with virtually no risk of HIV. Furthermore, there is no risk for HIV related to your masturbation of this person with your finger.

If your symptoms had been due to HIV, your HIV blood test would have been positive less than a week after the symptoms began., This was not the case, PROVING that you did not get HIV from your April encounter.  Please understand that the symptoms that you had were non-specific symptoms which could have any number of other causes, including being due to anxiety and that when symptoms and test results do not match up, the tests are virtually always correct.

It is now time for you to accept the fact that your no risk exposure did not lead to HIV infection and work to move forward.  I hope that my comment will help you to do this. EWH
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thanks you doctor, but one always looks at symptoms, and I had reason to believe what my body tells me.
the joint pain was very pronounced week 4
the sore throat and tightness to swallow at week 7 until now
and now a rash that appeared on my chest all of a sudden now it's gone.
all this things mess with my mind, but if you say my DUO test should have shown all this stuff then I believe you,  thank you again
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sorry, I mean the finger prick test not the Elisa test. Those results I get on Friday
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Your finger prick tests will be negative, proving that you did not get HIV from the exposure you have described.  Take care EWH
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Sorry no, the finger prick test was the one I got on the 5th or 6 week
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