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Any Risk?

Dear Doctor,
First, I would like to say sorry for my bad English because i'm not a native speaker.
Yesterday I wen to the Thai Lan barber’s shop to hair cut. After hair cut, the girl has used the “Comedone Extractor” to remove out such the acnes on my face for many times.
(Pls see the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C0hgnBwYAA  and
http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/comedone-extractor  )
At that moment, I did not know the “Comedone Extractor” was clean or not, but I am sure 100% it had not been used for at least 1 hour.
Doctor, can you please tell me is there any  risk of HIV and STDs infection, Hepatitis C or any others diseases from the above situation happened to me after the girl in the baber shop done that for me?
Do I need to take a test for HIV and STDs, Hep C or any others diseases in the medical clinic?
Thank you for your time to read through my problem. Only your answer makes me feel comfort and reduce my stress
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Welcome back to the forum.  However, I am concerned that you are overly (and irrationally) fearful about HIV.  All your questions involve exposures that everybody knows are zero or low risk.  This is another one.  Nobody is known to have been infected by comedone extractors, and since they generally involve little if any blood contact, no risk would be expeted. You do not need testing for HIV, hepatitis, or ay other infection.

MedHelp permits a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums (see terms and conditions).  This is your third in 11 monrhs, so you are on the edge.  The purpose of the rule is to prevent domination of forums by a few users with anxiety.  Please limit your future questions to genuinely risky situations.  In order to prevent HIV, the ONLY things necessary are to avoid unprotected sex, and to not share needles for drug injection with other people.  No other exposures will ever put you at risk.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Dear Doctor,

During the time of removing out the acnes on my face, I was blood from my acnes, but not too much. However, I did not know about the status of the previous man who had used the comedone extractors before my turn. In that case if the previous man got HIV infected or any orther STDs, then do I have any risk of them?

Thanks Doctor
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IF the previous customer had HIV, and IF visible blood were left on the extractor, and IF it were not cleaned, and IF it were then used on you (beforet the blood had time to dry), and IF your skin were cut by the instrument -- then theoretically, there might be some risk.  But simple logic tells you that this is extremely unlikely.  Nobody in the world ever been infected in this way and youou will not be the first.

To repeat my last comment above:  "In order to prevent HIV, the ONLY things necessary are to avoid unprotected sex, and to not share needles for drug injection with other people."

That will be all for this thread.  I will have no more comments or advice.  
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