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Can I Stop Testing?

I had very brief unprotected vaginal sex (about a minute), did not know womans status. Had the following tests done for HIV:

2 week NAT test
3 week Antibody
3 1/2 week Antibody
4 week Doctor drew blood, sent to lab
4 1/2 week Antibody and NAT
5 week (37 days post exposure) antibody and NAT (rapid test, finger *****)

All came back negative. The window period concerns me. All the clinic people say I should have relied on my 4 week antibody test, with my 5 week being conclusive (NY State employee said 28 days is very conclusive and that the extended window is used to monitor people with high risk behaviors, not 1 time exposure like mine). I value your opinion so I can put this behind me. Can I be considered 100% in the clear? Is the NAT testing conclusive?

Thnak you so much.
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By 4 weeks 85-90% of people who are going to develop HIV antibodies have done so.  The NAT test is more sensitive than the antibody test.  Between the two sorts of tests you have had, we can be sure that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.  No need for concern or further testing.  EWH
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I promise no "what if" or follow up questions after your answer. Thank you so much.
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At my last antibody test a NYC health clinic, I did not see the tech open a new vacutainer needle? Is there a HIV transmission risk froma blood draw with a used needle that transmits the blood into the test tube?
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Anxiety. Read the posts prior to posting. Most of our concerns are not because of fear of HIV but the guilt we have over being irresponsible with our own lives. We post to this site seeking not only advice but mostly reassurance. I recommend that everyone PAY ATTENTION to the advice given by Dr. HHH and Dr. EWH. I was told to stop testing but anxiety took over again. I went for a test after Dr. EWH said no need to and anxiety led me to believe the needle used for the test was used. I convinced myself the needle was dirty and started testing again. I had RNA/DNA/AB tests at 2 weeks, 20 days, 29 days and antibody tests at 4 weeks and 5 weeks, all negative. The money and time wasted was not worth it. I lost 5 more weeks of my life. LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS HERE!!! I now realize this is the best site to get information that is accurate.

These 2 Doctors are experts. When you quote this website, the lab technicians and doctors all agree with what is stated on this site. So before you post remember the real issue is probably guilt.

Sorry I did not follow your advice Dr. EWH. I have stopped testing now. I now accept my negative result.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
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