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Dry cough HIV

It is very nice to find your forum, it is really help me a lot, but I am become anxiety since my dry cough is continuing for more than a month, and it is never getting better until now ( no cough during nigt, and cough more  between 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm), and I did not experience fever or other illness. The cough happened 12 days after my exposure (unprotected insertive oral , and I think my partner is +) followed with tiredness; I tried to find possible explanation for myself, because my exposure is considered low risk at this forum.  I will get it tested next week, but my anxiety of a month uncured cough almost kills me.  I read many articles these days online, and some of them said Persistent cough is the symptom of HIV.  
I know my question was asked so many times by the other users like me, but when  I search for “dry cough and hiv” there is nothing coming out match to my specific situation.  Please do not delete my question.


Can the blood in her mouth (or others’ semens) increase my chance of HIV?
Can you tell me if my long dry cough caused by HIV?
It’s about six weeks now, so what kind of HIV test should I have?
Is there any other STDs related to my Cough?
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Dry cough, without fever, is not a symptom of HIV; neither is back pain. There are innumerable causes of dry cough, but no STD causes such symptoms.  See a health care provider if your symptoms continue.  A standard HIV antibody test is all you need; in this circumstance, a negative result at 6 weeks will be definitive.

Good luck---   HHH< MD
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"Horribly scared" or not, you may not post a new question in an existing thread.

Your fears are groundless.  Everybody knows, and you should too, that being in the household or sharing a joint with an HIV infected person is no risk.

No follow-up comments or questions.  Don't bother trying to post a new question; if you are successful, I will delete it without response; see the disclaimer at the top of the forum.  
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i do not know if you post it in wrong place doc..

i still got questions, sorry for bother you,

i really cannot remember if i have fever with my cough or not. because i think i got fordyce and feel lightheaded, and weakness same time when i got my dry cough.

i forget to test my tempreture, I may got low fever that time, because i feel somthing going on behind my chest.

sorry again,

and thanks for your response.....
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forgot to tell you there are alot of fordyce spot on my foreskin.....scared
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go to www.aidsmeds.com they have alot about unprotected oral sex.
the moderaters there are HIV positive and answer all questions

Doc correct me if I am wrong, but there has not been any documented cases involving "recieving oral sex" as possible HIV transmission.

No matter what spin you put on it, insertive oral sex is usually safe.

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Paranoidman is right.  Nobody has been proved to have ever caught HIV by receiving oral sex.  There have been such claims, but no proof.  Based on those claims, the CDC estimates the risk of catching HIV at 1 in 20,000, if your partner were infected.  That is equivalent to receiving a BJ by an HIV infected partner once a day for 55 years and maybe still never catching it.  Anyway, since your partner was female, probably she doesn't have HIV.  If you did not have fever high enough to know it for sure, you probably had no fever at all.  Fordyce spots don't make any difference in any of this.

You came to this forum for reassurance, presumably because you trust my expertise.  You should accept it, and not try to talk me into believing you really are at risk.  You are not.  See your health care provider if you want to get any more direct information, or if you want to be HIV tested.

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