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HIV test results effected?

Hi, and thanks for a great and informational forum.  I had a exposure risk nine months ago...one time, and my partner claimed they were HIV negative.  It was anonymous and unprotected, however.  After several months of waiting, and processing what I thought were symptoms, I was tested (eight months and 2 weeks after the exposure risk...so well beyond the window period).  It was an oral test, the quick response kind.  The results were negative. However, at the time, I was taking cipro for an intestinal infection, and flonase (corticosteroid inhalant) for a sinus infection.  Also, I regularly take glucophage and lisinopril for diabetes type 2.  I have been concerned that perhaps those medications may have caused a false negative.  Can I rely on the results of that oral test, or should I  be retested?  My anxiety on this approaches unbearable.  Again, thanks for your help.
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You can absolutely rely on the negative HIV test result.  Almost no drug or medical condition makes an HIV test falsely negative.  That might be a concern if you were deathly sick from some other illness or were taking potent cancer chemotherapy.  But not diabetes or any of the drugs you mention.

I hope this helps.  Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you.  I have begun therapy today for obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders.  I believe this will help me move forward, as your counsel has done.  This site is tremendous, and I thank you personally for your willingness to address these issues with us.
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I was wondering the very same thing. At the time of my Oraquick Advance Swab test, i tested negative around the 11-12 week mark. At the time I was taking Amoxicillin. An antibiotic taken every 8 hours to treat my flu. I had to complete the medication all the way through and I had a couple of days left at the time my test was taken.
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