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HIV testing conclusive?

Hi doctor I will keep my question short.

I am a hetero male living in the US who recently had a sexual experience with a girl that I am concerned about. I fingered her for several minutes and then I touched myself. My concern was that there a couple open cuts on my member which could have been infected.

Recently I have been experiencing some flu like symptoms including headaches, muscle soreness, sore throat, coated tongue and lots of phlegm.

I have been tested at both 2 weeks and at the 6 weeks past possible exposure by the HIV DNA PCR test and the antibody tests. In both instances the results were negative/nonreactive.

My question is whether these results are conclusive or whether I should seek additional testing. I am thinking that the symptoms could potentially be due to anxiety and stress as I have been killing myself with worry for the past several weeks/months. I am ready to move on with my life but am still uncertain regarding these tests.
Any professional insight that u can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the Forum.  You o not have HIV.  The activities you have participated in, including masturbation of your partner, is not associated with HIV transmission.  This is true even if your partner's genital secretions got on you and even if there were cuts, sores or abrasions on your penis at the time.  HIV is not transferred from person to person on hands or objects.

Your test results provide that you do not have HIV.  The combination of a negative PCR and negative antibody test 6 weeks after your exposure provides definite evidence that you did not get HIV, confirming what I said above, even in the unlikely circumstance that your partner did have HIV.  You do not need further testing.  

Hope this comment is helpful. EWH
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I have a quick question I know this may get deleted..

I was wondering if you have a negative rapid test and they send your blood work off for an Elisa test can you expect the same result??  I know the Elisa test is more sensitive..

Sorry to jump on a thread and ask a question...
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No problem.  Actually, studies show that the sensitivity for detecting HIV is the same for currently available rapid tests and laboratory based tests.  Thus the results from an ELISA and a properly performed rapid test should be the same.  EWH
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Thanks for the information....
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Doctor, thankyoubfor your detailed response and quick reply to my question. I realize that u have already answered my previous question so I will understand if u do not answer me further but I just had 2 additional follow on questions before I lay this to rest.
1. I was hoping u could expound on why HIV is not transferred via hand or object; and

2. Is there anything that I could have done (i.e. Drinking the night before I went to take the tests and bloodwork) that could jeopardize the results of the tests taken?

Again, thankyou for your time and advice.
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1.  this issue of why HIV is not transferred via hands is very complex however several important contributors include that HIV dies VERY quickly on exposure to the air and normal temperatures and that with each transfer from one site to another the amount of viurs present is reduced about 100 fold through the process of transfer.  There are other issues but these are two important ones.

2.  No, the tests are reliable.  Drinking, medications, other things will not influence your results.  EWH
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Thank You doctor!
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