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Massive HIV Symptoms

I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex with someone i know very liitle about february 1, 2010. The condom bust and my penis was in virinal for about 3 minutes when i noticed it. I then changed teh condom.

About a week later i started feeling the burning feel while urinating. The second week after exposure I developed a flu like condition but no fever/ low fever as well as some chill. The flu and chill went away after 2 weeks and then came dry cough and yeast like taste in my mouth(trush). The yeast like tase is gone but my mouth is dry and I have to drink water and water to keeo my mouth wet. My tonue currently has a greenish color on it.

I had swollen troat for about 2 weeks inbetween.the swollen troat is current gone but my mouth is still dry and I fill these itching/burning rash over my stomach, arm tigh.

I am currently on high blood medication and yesterday my doctors but me on cholestoral medication as well (20g) saying my pancras and liver traces of high choloestoral in them,

inital HIV test after 2 weeks came back negative and I am worried about what furher test results would be. I live in Canada and my being healthy is critical to me renewing my stay in canada.

1) Are these more specific HIV or other STD symptoms or is me discoverying them out of anxiety.)
2) Any knowledge of unanimous STD/HIV testing in Canada
3) Does these symptoms coming in stages mean anything?

Please your urgent response is highly appreciated as I am worried about passing on any illness to my wife.
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Welcome to our Forum.  Your risk of getting HIV from a single unprotected sexual exposure is very, very low and really not something to worry a  lot about.  I am a bit concerned about your report of burning on urination however.  If you have not already done so, you should go get checked for the STDs that cause urinary burning, i.e. chlamydia, non-gonococcal urethritis and gonorrhea.  Do not urinate for at least an hour before you are seen for this problem because that tests are better in persons who have not urinated.  You can be evaluated for this (and have an HIV test at the same time) at any of Canada's many excellent Public Health STD Clinics.

As far as your specific questions:
1.  See above about STD symptoms. You should be checked,.  Your other symptoms do not suggest HIV at all and, in fact, are far more likely to be due to a combination of anxiety and possibly a community acquired, non-STD/non-HIV viral illness.  Symptoms are useless as an indicator of the likelihood of early HIV.
2.  I am not sure about anonymous HIV testing but the Department of Public Health STD Clinics offer highly confidential testing for STDs and HIV.
3.  No

Hope this helps. Go to an STD clinic and get checked.  Take care.  EWH
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Dear Dr,
Initial urine and blod test showed no infection (Clamydia) and the burning feelings also went after a while. There are still concern around frequency and the doctors have requested ultra sound ballder test.

I am waiting for the 3 months mark to do a conclusive HIV test.

My throat has been swollen for the past 3 weeks(8weeks post exposure) now and I am having this burnt like tongue feeling as well. My body itches without a visible rash. The dry throat forces dry cough as well.

Can these symtoms be ARS related? can symptoms persist that long. Are they any other causes of these symptoms e.g anxiety, cholestoral, high blood pressure.

What are example of viral non STD/HIV illness that could have caused my initial syptoms.

Thanks a million
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Your illness does not sound like an STD.  You need to work with your doctor to get this sorted out.  EWH
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Dear Dr,
Thanks for your help and indeed I started working on moving on.

However, I notice mucus in my stool and on 2 occassions noticed rectal bleeding. My neck/ joints are also still.

It does sem to be a yeast infection. I also read yeast infection could be HIV related.

Can an HIV yeast related illness occur within 6-8 weeks of exposure? thanks for your help
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I would suggest (again) you seek other reasons for the symptoms that you describe.  To continue to focus only on HIV will delay diagnosis and treatment.

While persons with HIV get more yeast infections than people who do not have HIV, this occirs primarily in persons with advanced HIV which has been present for years, not months without therapy.  In addition, most yeast infections occur in person who do not have HIV.  EWH
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Dear Dr Hook and Teak.

I thank you a lot for help and guidiance during this this trying moments. It has stregntened me. A have scheduled an appointment with my primary doctor for wednesday next week.

I read other non HIV STDsalso cause yeast infection. Do you have an idea of any such STD that can drive yeast infection?.

Thank you again and I wish you a blessed day.

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I am not aware that outher non-HIV STDs "drive" yeast infections.  I would disagree with what you seem to have heard.  Antibiotic treatment can predisposed peole to yeast but this is because of the antibitotics, nothing more.  EWH
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There are three types of HIV testing and reporting in Canada:

- Nominal: which is regular reporting under your name.

- Non-nominal: which the reporting will be under your initial and date of birth and will be recorded in provincial health centre without your name attached to it.  But your doctor should order that and your doctor will be aware of the results.

- Annonymous: in that case even your doctor don't know who the test/results are for.  3rd person asks for this testing from a doctor.  depending on your province this type of testing might or might not be available.  check the link below for more info

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Dear Anxiety,

if you tested on HIV already being negative, I would certainly follow this up as the doctor says. However, I would also look further as HIV and accept that you might be negative. Since it is two months after your contact, I would seek further in order to find what is going on. You can read my story also here somewhere on this forum, it's 3 years back, and it was also through oral contact. I also got yeast ++ on my tongue, two days after the contact. This is most probably caused by a bacteria, bacterial infections develop in short timespan, this in contrast with viral infections.

However, I'm three years further and it looks like I'm suffering now from CFS. So, the advice I can give you, is to check whether some viruses you might already had(EBV, CMV) if they'are re-activated. If, then I would check if you can get a test on XMRV. I tested positive, just recently. I'm sure this happened during my sexual contact.

What you also might considering testing on is HTLV 1+2. These are rare viruses, but you can easily be tested, so why not do it.

It is important that you seek al help you can now, by the most knowledgeable infection specialist, because now you might find what is wrong with you and you can see it in your blood. If you wait too long, certainly when IgG antibodies develop, you can not say anymore when this infection occured and you end up going nuts, since you can not find the answer.

Good luck and stay safe,
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Dear Dr. Hook, Overstressed and Teak,
Thank you for all your support.

I received a call from the doctors office today saying that my Liver and Lyme enzymes are elevated. The doctor have ordered more test in a week for the following
1) Hepatitis A, B and C
2) Ferritin
3) AMA
4) TSH
5) CK
6) ALT
7) Alk. Phosphatase

Can you please educate me on what any possible relationship is between Liver and Lyme enzymes. FYI I am on medication for cholesterol reduction (lipitor) and Blood pressure reduction ( APO_amlodipine)  can these medications drive an elevated liver and lyme enzymes?

My body tend to itch these days sometimes also in areas that there is no vizible rash and my neck and joints are still somewhat stiff.. I have had more than average bowel movements and also tend to be releasing quite a high level of gas.

Does these additional symptons tell anything? Can somebody with early signs of HIV (less than 3 months ) devlop these symptoms?

sorry for asking more questions but I am pretty worried. I will be processing my permanent residency application in Canada soon and a condidtion for being accepted is passing helath test.

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Dear Dr. Hook, Overstressed and Teak,

I read that people of certain background including Aboriginal are more prone to HTLV infection....The exposure was with a lady of Aborignal background. I guess if this is true then I need to test for HTLV?

What do you think?

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This will be the last response.  Commenting on the possiblity of Lyme disease is beyond the scope and purpose of this Forum, as are interactions relating to hepatitis.  This really is something that yoiu should be discussing with your docotor.

HTLV-1 is so rare and of little consequence in your situation.  My advice would be to not seek testing.

I hope these interactions will allow you now to leave your anxiety behind and move forward.  Take care.  EWH
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