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Nude Body Massage - Low risk! Though Severe Symptoms

Hello Dr EWH,
Pl assess my situation & symptoms ( Iam 28 male from India)
I have posted the same question in HIV Prevention Forum & received comments from Teak that I dint have an exposure
Im only writing to u since i have very severe symptoms/complications
I had visited a massage parlour on April2012 were i was given a nude body to body massage with some lotion (I was with my underwear).
To end it off she gave me a hand job & i fingered her. She was dry & i dint notice any genital secretion. But after I cum i stopped & wiped my glans with the same hand.
I believe she(CSW) was HIV+ , the way she was behaving was really odd & she was not taking any precautions while doing this.
My main concerns are
1)I got herpes break on my lips following which a week after had lot of tiny red bumps under foreskin & when the surface is wiped i get these white dead cells kinda & or dour is bad.
After a week i decided to consult the doc & i described what happened in breif & he suspected it to be HSV.
I took a test on 29th SEPT (6months after Exposure) for HIV1&2(Screening-I think it is ELISA), HSV 1 & 2 IgG & IgM test & other tests that include Sugar & WB count.
I got the result only on 2nd of OCT
HIV 1&2 Negative (iam concerned if this came negative as the test was done 2days after blood collection as told by them)
HSV1 IgG 2.46 OD ratio
HSV1 IgM 0.4 OD ratio
Doc said its HSV1 is positive & prescribed a tab for a week.
Red bumps reduced but not completely. Even today (2 months after outbreak) i see 5 - 6bumps every day & there is this pale white layer which I get when i wipe the surface. Today I had herpes on my lips again.
2)My throat gets extremely dry since 2months &  Iv started to notice white tongue & white lining by the side of my Cheeks, Cracks on the tongue in which a couple of them are painful on touching, & i have noticed several bumps in my throat & next to the Uvula. I kinda feel that my throat is clogged when im asleep.
4) I am getting frequent one sided mild headaches.
3) Fungal infection was the first symptom that appeared in the month of Aug.It was in the back Groin area & was very severe but was cured when cream was applied.
4) I have lost 6 -7Kgs of weight (I have never lost soo much weight even when i was going to the gym some time back)
Im very healthy person, all these symptoms are new to me (except herpes on lips which I had few years back) I have only explained serious ones here .
I know my risk of HIV was low, iv tried to move on, leaving all this behind but these symptoms are taking a toll in my daily life.
I have never had sex before, I feel like I may be the person struck by lightning.(Proving theoretical studies)
Please kindly go through my earlier post & kindly reply to me what may be causing all the problems & should i test again??
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Welcome to the forum.  Users don't get to choose responses from me or Dr. Hook.  We take questions randomly, without regard to individual requests.  Although our replies relfect our individuality, our opinions and advice never differ from one another.

All I can do is repeat the accurate advice you had on the community forum.  You say "I know my risk of HIV was low, iv tried to move on, leaving all this behind but these symptoms are taking a toll in my daily life."  But that's a psychological issue, only indirectly related to HIV.  Not only did you have no risk for acquring HIV from the event described, but you had negative HIV testing 6 months later.  That test proves you did not catch HIV.  It does not matter what symptoms you have had.  Even if they were typical for HIV (they are not), test results always overrule both symptoms and exposure history.  There are no "theoretical studies" that support the possibility you have HIV, and you have not been hit by HIV lightning.

Many of the symptoms you mention suggests you are noticing minor variations in body sensations that do not suggest physical illness.  Beyond that, I won't try to guess the cause.  On this forum we do not speculate about causes of symptoms other than HIV/AIDS or other STDs.  My advice is that you find a doctor you trust, then rely on his or judgment to work out the true explanation for your symptoms.  But you need to do your best to stop worrying about HIV.  You don't have it.

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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Dear Doc,

1)I thank you for your valuable time & advice, is the Screening reliable after 6Months post exposure?
2)Im only concerned if the virus spread when i touched my penis(under skin/ uthera was exposed)  after fingering her, as it happened in a very brief time. Iam uncircumcised.
3)Does HSV1 IgM test being positive reflect any HIV related
4)I know in future HSV1 will re occur several time my  life. But how long will it take for it cure in my present situation. Or do you think the red bumps are something other than herpes?
5)Can I move on with my GF as I maintained distance from her all these days..
i will not post any more questions & will accept your advice as final
Thanks & Regards
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This information oes not change my opinion or advice.  All HIV tests are 100% reliable at 6 months (actually much sooner than that).

Why do you assume your HSV-1 infection will "occur several times in my life"?  That might occur -- but most people with herpes due to HSV-1 (either oral or genital) have infrequent recurrent outbreaks, or none at all.  HSV IgM tests are not useful; either positive or negative results are not reliable; see the thread linked below.


You should resume unprotected sex with your girlfriend.  You could have done so safely several months ago; you should definitely not wait any longer.

That will end this thread.  Do your best to ignore any additional "what if" questions that come to mind.  There is no additional information you can add that would possibly change my opinion or advice.  It's time to get beyond your 6 months of anxious overreaction to a non-risky event.  Good luck with it.
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Dear Dr HHH,

Thank you for kind reply, I will accept your advice as full & final & move on..
May be i will test again in sometime just for peace of mind & will update you when Im done

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