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Hello doctor, I am real worried about something that happened on March 7, 2007. I looked across the site and realy couldnt find a question like mine, Well on that night I was playing basketball at a local YMCA and when the game was over when I was driving home I noticed some blood on my arm and I didnt worry about it. when I got home I washed the blood off and I also looked at my jersery and I saw a little bit of blood on there as well. I always wipe my mouth and face off with my jersey and I have been worried ever since. when I washed the blood off my arm I dont think I saw any cuts or anything but since the event I have been filling my head with "what ifs" like "what if I did have a cut on my arm".  This has been taking over my life. I had a oraquick advanced test done at 20 days after. (Iknow I have to wait till 6 weeks). my questions to you are

1. giving the scenerio do you think I need a 6 week test.
2. giving that this hopefully a low risk is the 20 days sufficent.
3.  if this is low risk why do they always say "watch out for open cuts and sores"                                                              

Please doctor give me your advice on this.                                                
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This kind of question is really unfair to people with questions of greater importance. See the disclaimer on the forum home page about questions concerning known zero-risk events and other issues that have been answered repeatedly and have no educational value for other forum users. Only a limited number of new questions can be answered daily. Even if I delete the inappropriate ones, it doesn't help: once posted, the limit applies, which means that others with more important questions are blocked from asking their questions. I am responding to yours only to make the point so that others won't do it.

For that reason--and to discourage others from doing the same thing--my only reply to your question is that there is no risk of HIV from the events you describe and there was no reason for you to have an HIV test.

I will have no other reply and will delete any further comments or requests for clarification.

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Everybody with a new question, please read the warning on the forum home page, any my reply in this thread, before you post a new question. The policy means what it says.

Also notice that the warning makes it clear that such persons' $15.00 DONATION WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

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