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Rash no other symptoms

Hey Doc.
I posted a few weeks ago on the std form about a situation.
This time I'm not even sure if I had an exposure and its driving me crazy. On Jan 3 while at a bar for a friends bday I got drunk and don't remember portions of the night. Like from around 1130 until it closed. I do remember getting in a friends car and getting home and puking. My fear is that I hooked up with someone I didn't know or someone took advantage of me while outside smoking alone. My friends said that I seemed fine and wasn't making a fool of myself.
On Friday jan 25 I had a yearly doc appointment and they checked my blood and did hiv test. I got the results yesterday and was negative. I also got a flu shot on the 25. Sunday two days later I noticed little bumps on the top of my hands(almost clear looking and the scabbed over after i messed with it. then Monday bumps on my left side of belly (raised red spots scattered about and some scab). and both side of inner arms from my wrist to my tricept area ( some are clear others are red and a few have scabed. ) Tuesday night i noticed both shins had like a slightly raised rash. some look like tiny bursted blood vessels, they range from red flat spots to a dark, dry looking rash. Last night they showed up on my tops of feet but I didn't notice them today. There are also a few spots on my right and left side two inches from my nipples. These just look like red spots, not raised, like trapped blood or something. I haven't had a fever or sore throat. Just this rash on belly, shins, underside of both arms and tops of feet.

Does this sound like an seroconversion rash?
Can a rash for seroconversion present without any other symptoms?
Maybe an allergic reaction from the flu shot? It was my first one ever.
How reliable is a 22 day lab draw test?

Please help

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I'm afraid I'm in no way to judge whether you had some sort of sexual or other event that could have risked HIV.  You were there, I wasn't.  But my bet is that nothing happened.

Your HIV test result is strong evidence that HIV isn't the cause of your rash:  once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom.

I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms.  See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned.  If you are reasonably certain a high risk event occurred, you could have another HIV test at 6-8 weeks after the event.  If you do, I'm confident it would remain negative.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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"So in ars seroconversion a rash cannot be the only symptom?"  Nope.  I already said that.  And ARS with rash always causes high fever as well.

The other details are not important.  I already said your description doesn't sound like an ARS rash; and anyway, since all evidence is that ARS isn't the cause, it doesn't seem productive to delve into details of what HIV associated rashes look like.

See a doctor if you remain concerned about it. But I'm afraid this forum has done all it can for you.  Please accept the reassurance that it isn't HIV (for a whole bunch of reasons).
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Thanks for the quick reply.
Just to clarify, I took an hiv ab test two days before the rash showed up. Only 22 days out from what may or may not have been an exposure. I noticed small bumps on my left hand two days after the hiv test, and three days after I had small red bumps around the left side of belly and towards hip. They almost look like bug bites or tiny zits but there are multiple.
So in ars seroconversion a rash cannot be the only symptom?
Does an ars rash involve the trunk and face or is it so wide spread?
I have read that it looks more like a raised sunburn that doesn't itch. Is that true?
Thank u for your help Doc.
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Thank your for your time Doc.
Hope you will answer one last question.
If I were to experience a fever and/or sore throat after a month would that be of concern towards an hiv infection. I've read that it can show up from 2-4 weeks. It's now been 32 days since the night I was drunk.
Just wondering if I should be worried about ARS after a month.

Thank you doc.
Ill wait for six weeks test for piece of mind and hope it comes out negative.
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A month is too late for onset of ARS symptoms.

That ends this thread. I wobn't have any further comments or advice.
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