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Vegas vacation gone wrong


I have a question for you regarding risk and need for testing.

I went to Las Vegas last week and received a lapdance from the dancer.  During the dance she offered a handjob and i accepted.  She had my member in between her breasts and spit on it and than sat on the front of my lap and had it behind her in her hand.  My question is this.  when i got back to the hotel room I noticed that on the waistline of my underwear and a little down the side as well as the front of my pants below the crouch area was dried menstarual blood.  I went  to the restroom and took a white towel and cleaned myself thouruoghly.  I did not see any blood on the white towel which would lead me to believe i did not come in contact with her blood.  

However, i had a small sore on the left side of my member and it was quite irratated because of the jerking motion she was making.  I am concerned that somehow she got some blood on her hands and while jerking me it was able to enter the small sore?  I think it is rational to think that if there was enough blood on her hands to infect i would have seen it on the washcloth.

Your perfessional opinion would be appreciatted
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Your exposure is very low risk.  You did not penetrate her in any way and your exposure to her secretions was minimal.  Thus this exposure is within the realm of masturbation which is safe sex.  Friction is a part of masturbation and it sounds as though this woman was rather vigorous, leading you to having an abrasion.  Like you, I seriously doubt that any blood was transferred in a way that puts you at risk.  Please realize that in the course of masturbation miniscule amounts of genital secretions (or in this situation, blood) are inadvertently shared between partner, nonetheless there are no HIV transmissions which have occurred in this way.

Another consideration, of course is whether or not she had HIV.  Statistically the odds are vvery, very low that she was. Of course that too is in your favor.

My take on your specific circumstance is that you do not need to be concerned or to pursue testing.  If your anxiety level is such that it would help to get tested, there is no rush.  Six weeks after the event you can be tested and the negative result that will ensure will be there at a ti me when over 95% of tests that are going to be positive will be.

I hope this helps.  EWH
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I promise you that the doctor will tell you that you were not at risk.
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Couple more things

I think the sore that i had was herpes sore.  it was not open as far as i could tell but does that change your opinion?  also, is there a test i can do a 10 days to provide some level of comfort?
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No, no change in my opinion.  As for HIV tests that could be done at 10 days, I would say no.  Some will tell you that an HIV RNA PCR will give you an early answer.  I do not recommend this.  The HIV PCR test has more false positives that the antibody test - for this reason it is not recommended by any expert for routine detection of HIV infectrion.  As I said above, your risk is VERY, VERY low.  Please ponder what you are going to do if you get a positive test.  I think it would be asking for trouble.  EWH
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