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concerned one year later

I had several exposures to csws over a three year period. My first HIV test was in September, I believe it was at least 4 weeks since last encounter. Time frames get a little schewed which I know you have mentioned as a reason for the inexact science of the window period. The test was negative, I experienced a rash on my palms and soles of feet before the test and severe neck and back pain, possible oral thrush. The next test I had was in October probably 8 weeks from exposure, I had pnuemonia in between test, the test was negative. I continued to have sporadic palm rash and general malaise. I had an insurance exam on Dec 4th which a HIV test was part of a 2 million dollar life policy, non reactive result. I am now past a year and I continue to have eye infections pain in calves, rash on palms, white tounge and now my nodes seem to swollen and sore everywhere. I feel that I have endanged my wife because of negative results, I had unprotected sex with her one time and twoo weeks later she had swollen neck, fever and a urinary tract problem where she had raised white blood cells, (a sign of ARS).  Simple question should I test again? These problems should have gone away if caused by stress, i also have had cold sores almost continually the last year. Doc dont want to seem crazy but is there a chance I was alate seroconverter. I am not IV drug user nor am I a cancer patient. Please answer this question, I need direction.
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Reacting only to the title of your thread: If you had a potentially risky exposure and had a negative blood test at least 6-8 weeks later (and for sure if 12 or more weeks later), then you do not have HIV. It doesn't matter what symptoms or other aspects you might describe.

Now I have read the question itself.  You don't have HIV and your wife is not in danger.  Something besides HIV is the cause of your symptoms.  Because of the skin rash, including your palms, you should have a blood test to be sure you don't have syphilis.  Where in heaven's name did you get the idea that HIV is a likely cause of fever, urinary tract problem, and elevated white blood cell count?  Not a realistic possibility.  Whatever is going on in you or your wife, for sure HIV is not the problem.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you for your response. I will go to my GP and request a test syphillis. I had test for syphilis around 8 to weeks of possible exposure and it was negative. Is there a longer window period? Have I done great damage by carrying syphilis for a year, if I test positive and is it curable?
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Dear Dr.

What is the difference between being sero positive and HIV positive?
Will being a sero positive give HIV negative test results?
How long can someone be sero positive?
Thank you for an incredible support and congratulations on a great website.
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