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6 week negative Elisa 4th Gen

Ok So I went out with a guy I recently met. Had way too much to drink and ended up passing out. He took me to his house, said I threw up in his car. I woke up like a 4:30 with a blanket over me and him looking at me. When I woke up I was terrified. I asked him if we had done anything and he said no way, that he didnt even touch me because that would be rape. I believed him at the time but wasnt sure I had bruises all over my body, he said he was trying to carry me but I kept falling and lower abdominal pain. SO He took me to my car and I went home. He invited me out again, this time no drinking. He was a very pleasant to talk to but for some reason in my mind I keep thinking about the what if he did do something to me, What if he did have sex with me, what if he has HIV even though he says he doesn't. I asked him two times if he did. He said please stop asking me that, he said "I took care of you" "If it would have been another guy he would have but he didn't" He said I needed to stop drinking and not do that again. I ended up taking a lab. Elisa 4th gen test at 6 weeks and an oraquick test the day before. Both negative. I still have contact with him. He wants to go to the movies or beach with no drinks. He wants to keep up the friendship even though I basically accused him of rape. Idk if its a way of playing it off or if he is really honest. Am I really negative? I cant eat or sleep. No fever, no sore throat, I do have swollen lymph node but they swell sometimes. Please help.
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A 6 week DUO is pretty much as good as conclusive. It will not change in the future.  And you don't know, he may be telling the truth.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to know and that's why you should always be smart when it comes to drinking.  Know your limits, and don't cross them.  I am sorry you're feeling this way.  But you did not become infected from this incident.
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So it's hard for a 6 week DUO to give a false negative? I really want to believe him But Its hard.
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I don't even want to come in contact with alcohol ever again.
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Like I said, you did not become infected from this incident.  In the future, just know you're limits.
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