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Is conclusive for example? 20 days a 1 month before the risk?

Please answer....

And a Elisa of 7 weeks
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PCR tests (in general) are most effective during the window period, from about ~15 days to 2-3 months. Every expert will suggest an atibody test at 3 months. If you were negative on your  PCR you can be confident your results wont change on the antibody test at 3 months.

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Im not refering to a vira load, it´s a pcr dna, looks for vih in blood, and it came + or -, not load. Its other type.

Its acurate and reliable
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I am kind of confused right now about PCR test...
why PCR test should be taken till 3 months and not longer than that???!!!
as I know PCR is looking for Viruse not antibody, so if any one is infected then has to have a positive result in PCR , no matter how long it passes from exposure...
am i right????
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during initial infection, your viral loads are extremely high and thus much more likely to show on a DNA OR RNA PCR test. After seroconversion, your body has regulated HIV to a certain extent to where the virus is not as high in the blood, and in some people almost undetectable. That's why, when you're having "ARS Symptoms" (which are vague and unreliable), a PCR test should tell you with great reliability if the problem you're experiencing is due to HIV.

You can order a PCR test at your doctor's office. It's simply a blood draw in one vial that will be sent out to a lab with the capabilities of performing the test such as labcorp.

PCR tests today detect to such small levels that it is extremely rare to find false negatives. False positives are far more likely. In theory, a PCR test should be able to detect at any point in time, but during the window period, when your VLs are extremely high, is the best time to take one.

As a sidenote, PCR tests are not used for diagnosis, only antibody tests followed by WBlot.
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thx a lot for ur great and complete  respond ;
you wrote for me regarding my situation...
i had 8 months negative ELISA (FDA standard) , tomorrow i m going to do PCR test by myself...
symptoms do not relieve me ,apart from enlarged lymph nods,coated tounge,tooth decay,chest pain,neural disorder ,it s about 3 days that i am having sore throat ,cough, and tottaly very weak.
my gf same as me...
do u think PCR  consider onclusive inmy case tomorrow?
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I've told you before, you've been conclusive at 7 months before you had your 8 months test. I know I won't get through to you, but please try and see someone who can help you with your anxiety.

You do not need a PCR test at this point as an 8 month ELISA (3 months is more than enough) is absolutely conclusive, even if you were on immunosuppressants.

For the sake of your wallet and your health, dont take the PCR. It will only raise more questions for you to worry about. Please try and get your anxiety/depression under control, as this is what is truly causing your symptoms.

Also, stop poking your lymph nodes, they stay enlarged when you do that :)
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