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Accute HIV Rash

I had unprotected sex several times with the same person over a 4 day span about 2 weeks ago. I took an RNA test yesterday (which I know many believe is useless) and plan to take the regular test that looks for antibodys once I reach 6 weeks. My question for now is about this rash I have on the back of my hand. I got this rash about a week ago and it looks a lot like the rash that comes with ARS. However, it is only on the back of my hand (not my chest, back, or anywhere else) and I have no ogther signs of ARS (No fever, flue like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, etc). Can I rule this rash out as being the ARS rash since it is only on the back of my hand and no other symptoms exist? Or could it still be the rash that comes with ARS.

FYI...I know that some people can be infected and not have any of the signs of ARS and regardless of whether this rash means anything, I still need to be tested at 6 weeks with a regular antibody HIV test. I'm just wonderring whether this particular hand rash could possibly be the HIV rash or not.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question.

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it is probably a normal rash and got nothing to do with ars..
just get tested to be sure..
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Hello there..here is my question 2weeks ago i visit a massage parlour where i get fullbody masssage and also handjob..only fullbody massage include penis massage and handjob..the lady massage me with oil..i didnt touch her and she didnt nor do anyberotic massage..just massage..1week later i feel pain on my groin where she massage..after tht i have rash at the back like few pimples and also at my chest..then 2nd week i have pimple like rash on my penis and its gone now..im freaking out now tht..non stop thinking about hiv..its hiv..and its hiv..i dont knw what else to think and its going to be 3rd week and i have few rash on my chest area..can i get hiv from massage or through rash at the back..i dont knw what else to think
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