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Am I infected with my condition?

I had sex with vendor sex and i wear a double condoms and then I took off the condoms after a while and cleaned my penis and then we have externally sex of friction continuously between my penis and her vagina without intrcorse but i was put a shower cap from the hotel to reserve for not mixing liquids. after 58 days I make Combo test 4 gen and the result is negative, as well as other diseases, after year and half I suffer from a chronic rash from 6 weeks, it appears and disappears, and sometimes it causes itching it is look like simple urticaria, I am wandering if it from HIV infection
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You did not have any risk for HIV, and you do not need to test. The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles.

There is no other activity you could think of, including the event you mentioned, that would put you at risk for HIV.

However, you should NOT wear 2 condoms for intercourse.  Wearing two condoms results in friction between the condoms, and it is more likely for the condom(s) to break.  One condom is sufficient to prevent HIV and pregnancy.
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Thanks for answering, but what a bout urticaria infection ?
See your doctor.  It has nothing to do with HIV since you were never at risk for HIV.
Thanks doctor but could you please clarify for me this point

There is no other activity you could think of, including the event you mentioned, that would put you at risk for HIV.

You mean I was put my self in risk because I let my peines friction her Virginia for long time with shower cap?
You had NO RISK for HIV.

Do not put your penis inside a vagina or anus without a condom, and do not share intravenous needles with other people, and you will never get HIV.
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