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Blood Donation Risky?

I had a VERY slight HIV risk 3 weeks ago (open mouth kissing with a stranger while my gums were bleeding.)  Reading the archives has made it clear to me that my risk is "pretty much" non-existent.  I have my regularly scheduled blood donation upcoming later this week.  Am I being irresponsible by going ahead as scheduled?  The donation is on Day 28 since the episode.  
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Apart from your risk was zero, I think (but I don't know for sure) that they screen all blood donations now with PCRs that are sensitive enough to pick up 99%+ HIV positive blood at day 28 and probably considerably earlier to reduce as far as possible the chance of a blood donation occuring from a person with HIV in the window period.
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There has only been ONE documented risk for HIV transmission through open-mouth kissing.
Even that incident is somewhat "shady".

I DOUBT very much I am writing to the 2nd possibility.  
And if I am....boy...I need to go out and purchase a Powerball ticket.

Open-mouth kissing is NOT a risk...even if blood were present.  Nonetheless, to ease your "fears" I suggest you test to ease your anxiety.   I have kissed numerous people (open-mouth) who were HIV+, and I know of people (men) who have had sex with men who were HIV+ (unprotected).  Not everyone who comes into contact with HIV blood, semen, or vaginal fluids is "doomed".  Other factors have to be present as well.
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Eger, they give the Naat test at the blood bank and a elisa test. Naat can pick up a  hiv infection after 12 days,i've taken this test plenty of times.You didn't have a risks anyone.Peace.
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kekelow I know you have experience with the naat and I wanted to ask you if that was pretty much as conclusive as you could get? is it a pcr dna/rna, I had heard that before but wasnt sure? Also do people that are infected slip through the cracks so to speak with the naat test? thanks kekelow!
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Cholny29, check this out www.LAGaycenter.com. They say the NAAT is conclusive at 3-4weeks. I took it at 19 days once, and they said it was conclusive.A Hiv counselor told me yesterday at a State  Funded Clinic that the CDC gives money to  the Lagaycenter and City Clinic in San Fransico for NAAT TESTING. The counseler said that the NAAT Test is very expensive. It's a RNA test and they use it at the blood bank.City Clinic www.DrKhiv.com says the test can pick up  a infection after 10 days.You can find out in more detail about this test at www.hivtestingconferencemeeting.com and also studies at PUBMED.com.Peace.
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