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Can't Move On

I had a low risk exposure oversees( stripper - sucked on her nipple - possible breast milk exposure ) and took a DNA PCR at 26 days for HIV 1, DNA PCR at 30 days for HIV 2, and two OraQuick oral swap tests at 4 and 6/1/2 weeks - all negative yet I still have symptoms of swollen glands in my armpits, groin and neck.  Anyone know when these will go away if indeed thet are caused by my anxiety?  Counselor at MTC pretty much said the two PCR are conclusive and to move on but I struggle with good days and bad and worry because my armpit lymph nodes wont go away.  Any thoughts on my anxiety?
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You didn't need to test in the first place. Have you ever seen a lap dancer in her second trimester dance, let alone, let you suck on her nipples?
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That's not a low-risk exposure, that's a no-risk exposure. You didn't need the test in the first place. On top of that you had four tests done. You need to see a professional for your anxiety.
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When a woman is aroused that has had kids which this woman did breast milk can frequently come out when the nipple is sucked on - therefore possible breastmilk exposure.  I'm know its a long shot but I have been having major symptoms from about the third week on and cant stop thinking about it and my family.
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So you are saying you tasted breast milk from this woman? And she was breast feeding a child? hmmm, how did you find out that? Setting that aside, you are not going to become infected, by a taste of breast milk.
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Then whats up with the swollen glands all over??  This happened oversea's with a Brazilian woman with a young kid.  My anxiety had gotten the best of me - the DNA PCR test at three weeks calmed my fears and so did the negative anitbody test at 7 weeks but I still can't let you - especially because I never had symptoms like this before ever.
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Let me try to help. Make it an even wost case than it could be. Imagine it were sperm. It's even more contagious than milk. Well last time I checked it is still very difficult to get infected that way (1/10,000 chance or so).

Children might get infected that way, but they drink only milk for the first months of their lives with weak immune systems. You "maybe" had one sip. It takes lot of virus and a place for that virus to get into your body.

You tested negative and had a no-risk situation. You're fine. Swollen glands or not. They're probably just anxiety symptoms.

By the way, my gf is breast feeding our child. When she is aroused or when she starts milking, milk litterally shoots out. Just so you know. Relax you're fine.
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