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Cocaine snorting little heavily hiv risk?

I ve read all the questions regarding to this situation. But mine is different. My friend and i snorted lots of coke from a plate. We used separate money bills. But during process my friend blowed lots of blood in tissue and trowed it away.

The other day when i see the bills from my pocket my friends was very dirty with dried blood and a little dried blood was on mine.

As long as we didnt share bills will it make this no risk? Maybe from the plate there would be secreations and blood i snorted to my nose.

He used his bill both ways because there were all dried blood in each side of the bill. So his blood maybe comtaminated with the coke on the plate.

So what do you think of this and sorry my english.
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Thank you for answer. I read that sharing bills might be an issue with blood. So can i ease my mind with this (as we used other bills). Becasue as you know dr ewh said couple times it is a low risk in this forum earlier.
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We rely on the opinion of expert doctors so we don't pay attention to claims from posters about what they have heard on other sites (or maybe you got mixed up and just think you heard that silly claim about money) . Otherwise we will be arguing all day over poster's misinformation.
So can you say that i have no risk also and dont need to test over this incident?
hiv prevention is straightforward so reread about the 3 below. And note the word "silly" in my advice. Hopefully you can move on instead of worrying about an impossible airborne hiv transmission - which would have infected all of us long ago if that was possible.
I don't know who your "doctor ewh" is but it doesn't matter, no one on this forum ever thought hiv could be spread the way you think it can. Move on.
Dr edward w. Hook he was postimg here years ago. And he mentioned this couple times as low risk and several cases are reported due to snorting with blood presence
Since you read it a few times, silly above and lease provide a link. It's difficult accepting that claim without seeing it.

Somehow I accidentally pasted extra words in the previous post.
sb  Since you read it a few times, provide a link. It's difficult accepting that claim without seeing it.
You didn't do any activity that was even CLOSE to that. Also, you are referring to an approximately one in TEN MILLION event. That is statistically insignificant and no rational person would even think about it.

If you are worried about anything that carries 1 in 10 million odds, you are wasting your time.
Any rational person would be a LOT more concerned about what snorting cocaine can do to you.
He said "The 2 people who acquired HIV have had other risk factors making things a bit murky at to the role of the shared straws."
You misinterpreted what he said. He said there is no proof they got hiv from the snorting. Just some guessing that MAYBE it could have happened a total of 2 times in the last 40 years of hiv history.

However, meteorites occasionally hit people and kill them - but you don't worry about a meteorite hitting you. So your priorities are mixed up.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

As you can see, you did not do any of the activities on the list of risks.

If you do not engage in any of the activities I mentioned above with someone HIV+ or whose HIV status is unknown to you, you will NEVER have to worry about getting HIV. There is no information you could add about this event that would make it a risk for HIV.
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