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Concerned about hiv-2 in Germany

I had unprotected sex last July 2014 with a guy stationed in Germany because he's in the army when he was visiting here in the Bronx where I live. It was unprotected sex and unprotected oral. He didn't cum in me but I don't know if alittle bit could of gotten in me. I am wondering how high is the rate of hiv-2 in Germany? I seen someone say once they were at a clinic in Germany and the doctor there said they never had one case of hiv-2 but I don't know if that comment is real. It wasn't sex with someone that is in the US that is why I'm worried. I took a 4th generation of hiv and it came negative but I'm worried maybe it ain't showing. I never seen a test result from this guy and I heard he went with random people in Germany after I had sex with him. I been worried about this for a year. Is there any type of hiv-2 pcr test I can take? Would that be useful someone please answer me and response will be appreciated.
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I took it  last month in June
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