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Concerned because of using moutwash just before french-kiss, i am very

Hi everyone.

Five days ago I french-kissed and had protected sex with a girl i met in a bar. Before sex, since i smoke a lot i  used mouthwash (listerine) to clean my breath and she used it too. Then as i said, we french-kissed with a lot of tongue action and some biting involved . Although i was drunk, I remembered no present blood. I am not concerned abaout the vaginal sex because I am wearing condom.
I read other post saying moutwash and deep-kissing is not a risk but some web-sites says that moutwash just before french kiss can abrade sores and gums which I can not see my partners mouth and start small bleeding that can lead HIV enfection.
My intend is not to cause excessive posting about french-kissing but those web-sites upset my mind.
Is there a possibilty of moutwash cause bleeding small enough that I can't see or taste that can cause HIV transmission.
Assuming that girl is HIV positive, am i under risk of HIV infection and need testing.
Again I don't want to cause excessive posting about that issue but I'm very concerned for a few days, I can't sleep well and concentrate my work. I can't ask anybody to this question because of shame. Every tiny cough or small pain in my joints reminds me that issue.
If you answer my question, I will be more than thankful.
Sorry for any misspelling I am not very good at English.
Thank you again...
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I don't know which web sites you are going to, but I CAN tell you they are handing out bogus information.

You absolutely can NOT contract HIV from French kissing and I don't care if you gargle with mouthwash or gasoline!

You also cannot contract HIV from unprotected oral sex.

From now on if you want accurate and up to the minute information about HIV, come here.

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First of all thank you for comment. If I had no risk why does web-sites keep saying that moutwashing before french kiss can cause HIV transmission. I do not intend to question your knowledge but I am curious about it
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also forgive me for the title mistake...
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You never had a risk and you do not need to test.
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