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Condom broke during unprotected sex with street prostitute. Risk?

Got really drunk in Barcelona, and got offered by a black street prostitute for a blowjob at a back alley. She was from ghana she said. She was prepared. She took out a durex condom and put it on my penis and started blowing me. I didn't like the blowjob so she asked if I wanted a ****. As drunk as I was, I agreed. She put on a new condom on my penis, bent over and took my penis from the back. After about a minute of sex I pulled out and came. I noticed that the condom had split.

I started to freak out. I asked her if if she had any std's and she said no very firmly. She also explained that I didn't really penetrate her because she put my penis between her thighs to fake it. She said it's a trick that prostitutes use so that they don't have any risk either. I cannot recollect if I felt any penetration or not, because she was in control the whole time,  She said she gets tested regularly with Red Cross and she didn't have std's.

Considering that I was extremely drunk, I'm not sure I can rely on what she claimed.
How big of a risk am I in? And if I have to get tested, how do I go about it?

Please help! Freaking out.
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Risk from a single isolated unprotected (or condom failure, one and the same thing) sex  with someone of unknown health status is not very significant, but not zero either.
CSW's are more careful about their health because of their more frequent exposure, so there is a strong possibility that she was not infected. If penetration did not occur then, the possibility drops down to zero.

Having said that, you are not sure whether you penetrated or not, and the condom failed inside her or not, you don't know.

So what can be suggested, you should get yourself tested for HIV Duo test 28 days after your the incident to rule out the possibility of your infection conclusively. This is the only way to determine our health status.
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Should I be testing for other STD's as well?
I hope you never make the mistake of mixing drinks with sex ever again. A lot of people do things when they are dead drunk, and then end up making the wrong decisions. They then come back, and often cannot even remember what happened. They can't remember if they had penetrated, some can't remember if they had put on a condom or not, some can't recollect if they had broken or not, and so on. Please do not have sex with strangers particularly when you are drunk. Use water based lubricants with latex condoms whenever possible. Play safe. 15 minutes of fun is not worth the 90 days of anxiety that then follows.
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