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Could hiv it be from oral sex ?

Bisexual man, I had protected sex with 3 guys, one of them I have been having sex with for 2-3 years I already know him but also used protection with him too, he always brings his own lube and his own condoms I also keep my own to but he always insist on using his I’ve asked him countless times did he have anything he’d always say No ! The other 2 guys I didn’t know very well at all but I’ve also had protected sex with them too only unprotected oral with both guys, one didn’t precum at all and the other one had a ton of Precum which is starting to make me scared, but he only went inside of me with the condom on one time and then took it out because it was too big, I’ve just noticed maybe a month ago my gums is acting up idk what it could be on one side my gums bleed sometimes even for no reason at all ! And it could have been happening when I was going down on him, all three were protected my friend we always used condoms he seems to be very careful could he have cum and put it in his lube and use it in me, could he be poking holes in his condoms to infect me even if he had anything ! 5 days to a week, I had strep throat normally I don’t get strep throat out of the blue like that I mean flu like symptoms and bad fever chills freezing cold etc went to the doctor they tested it and said it was just strep, I got paranoid because it was so out of the blue ! Months later I’m suffereing with my stomach looks like I’m loosing weight my stomach is constantly feeling empty I get nauseous I keep being bloated and passing gas just feeling terrible in the gut, I recently had developed which looked like a little canker sore at the bottom base of my gums little like a pin prick it’s gone now if anyone can enlighten me on this I would love to hear what you guys have to say, google is not helping ! Everything that happened the event of the things that’s been going on have been very separated idk if it could be colon cancer or what not I’ve gave it months to stop but my stomach is still acting up causing me to look like I’ve lost weight help anyone ??? My bones have now started aching recently as well, I have always used protection always without a doubt
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First, I'm glad you are all using condoms.  The man you've known for several years who insists on his own condoms is very smart.  He's protecting HIMSELF from YOU.  I say that with kindness but he is looking out for his health as well and being very proactive and diligent which should give you some reassurance that there is nothing wrong with his condoms or his health as he sounds very careful. The others also use condoms for intercourse.  Nobody pokes holes in condoms, for real. That is your anxious what if brain getting the best of you.  And condoms when they rip will do so by ripping wide open.  Poked holes also wouldn't be a risk for HIV because ONLY the head of your penis needs to be covered.  So, please let go of that irrational thought.  It's unrealistic and not dangerous anyway.

As to oral sex, that is also not a risk for HIV.  There has not been a single documented case of HIV passed through oral sex that has been proven in all of the time that HIV has been studied.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  Gum disease, bleeding and issues do not make that more of a problem, it still has not transmitted that way in history.  The only ways that people have gotten HIV are from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You used protection, you had no risk.

If you are worried about your health, a general check up would not be a bad idea.  We should all do that.  But your symptoms are not HIV related, I am sure. And HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms because all of them are things that the average person (you and me) also get. So, rest easy. You have had zero risk.
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Thank You So Much For This ! I’m extremely worried but it did lesson my thoughts and my anxiety about the situations, but are you sure that I should be good from these encounters ?!
These symptoms I’m having is terrible I have lost weight, my stomach is bothering me, my bones every joint ache whether it’s the bottom of my feet or the top of my hands is aching
See your doctor about your non-HIV related symptoms.  You were never exposed to HIV.
Hey ! I have one more question and I will not bother any of you guys anymore on this topic ! But my anxiety is getting the best of me ! The 2 guys that I had protected anal with those were my condoms I bought those condoms ! So I knew they were good ! And them 2 guys didn’t ejacualate in them, The one I told you guys was someone I have known for a while we have been having sex for a while since 2016 I met him, nice guy, he always have his own condoms and lube ! but I remember one night we were having sex and he stopped and wanted to use another condom ! My worry is what is he poked a hole at the top of his condom the very first one, that he was using to potentially infect me, and to switch it before it breaks ! I’m terrified, I’m so scared, he said hold on and wanted to use another one ! I ask him why but he didn’t give me a legitimate reason, I know you guys always say that, the condoms will shred to pieces, and they will fail badly ! But my concern is what if that was the reason because what was the reason to take off the other one ? The first one ? So he can say we used condoms and it didn’t come from him ? What if he done it in a way that it wouldn’t really break all the way ! Mind you, I have never seen his hiv rest, but he has seen mines before, Why would he switch condoms ? For what ? I’m scared and scared to text him and ask him about it
Since you have such a vivid imagination, take a test to see if you can get over this. If you are still worried afterwards, see a therapist.
No need to report your negative result here either, since you are the only one worried.
Sorry @anxiousnomore ! I’m just thinking like why did he switch the condoms out for what i don’t understand ! And thank you for the words of encouragement! I sure hope so
I'm just trying to help you move on as fast as possible after you test. This is not the place for that if you still have a problem, so see a therapist.
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