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Could this be ARS??? Please help

This will be a little long but PLEASE bear with me. I'm FREAKING OUT!!!!

January 19th I had unprotected oral and vaginal sex with a girl I had just met. During the vaginal she started to bleed.  When we finished I immediately urinated and showered. Her history unkown. I'm a horrible person as I have a wife and 1yr old.  

The next morning I noticed a red line below my bottom lip that went away the next day.

Started stressing

Jan 21  had relations with the wife.

Had some urethral awareness/itching so I tested and was negative for Chlamydia 1/30

Feb 13th  I had diarrhea, no vomiting, no fever. Lasted 2 days. Could have been from BBQ I had in OKC  (person I was with ate the same thing but didn't get sick) (think it was the bug the whole family had, mom in law, wife, sis in law)

Feb 20ish Had relations with the wife, woke the next morning with urethral itch and "dishcharge"  didnt milk or urinate after sex the night before. Wrote it off as left over semen but got tested for Gonorrhea anyaway. Not detected.

March 18th ish I had a recurrent perineal abscess that got big and ruptured on its own on 3/22. Had inquinal lymph node tenderness, low back pain and slight fever. 99.2 Went to doc who prescribed Bactrim DS.

March 23rd  Played sand volleyball for several hours.

March 25th  Went to Vegas.  Running a slight fever the enitre time ranged between normal and 99.7 ish.

March 28th  Flew back to texas non-stop.  Midway through the flight started getting chills fever spiked at 101.6

March 29th  back pain and fever between 99.5 and 101

March 30th woke up with fever still no night sweats. Got out of shower and noticed rash on back of arms and tender neck lymph nodes with the inguinal tenderness still.  
    Fearing a Bactrim (sulfa) reaction/allergy I went back to the doc. He said the rash didnt look quite like a reactive rash but told me to stop the Bactrim.  I had to fly later that night. By this time my anxiety was through the roof.  I hadn't eaten in more than 24 hours.  At the airport I noticed my tongue was white. Immediately thought thrush and brushed the hell outta my tongue. I ate a lil bit as due to stress my appetite was nil. Still running slight fever.

March 31st woke up with no fever and felt much better aside from stressing over the rash and back pain. My tongue was white again. Had one shot of watery poo from what I believe to be the fact that I had nothing but water and a granola bar in 24 hrs.

April 1st Woke up with no fever, just STRESS and anxiety. Tongue wasnt white until later in the day.

April 2nd Woke with no fever, still stressing, Tongue wasnt white.  Went and got blood drawn for a HSV and HIV test.

Today.  Woke no fever.  I'm still stressing but not quite as bad.    I know that ARS, if its gonna happen is usually within the first 2-4 weeks of infection.  Wife has had no ARS symptoms. She has hypothyriodism and is taking Synthroid for it.  She's immunocompromised as it is so if she were infected, she would have had symptoms by now.

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I don't think hypothyriodism has anything to do with immunocompromosation.

You can test 3 months for your conclusive result, which would be April 19th. No your symptoms are not HIV related. A test now is unlikely to change.
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Thanks for your reply. Provided some comfort.

Forgot to add that sometime in feb I had cold-like symptoms that were easily knocked down with Alka seltzer. Also this rash is also on my abdomen, legs, doesn't itch and doesn't seem to be responding to prednisone.
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Would an 11 week post contact test be conclusive?
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A 10 week test or 11 week test with the new tests they are using is not going to change from 10/11 weeks and 12 weeks.
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Thank you Vance.  

I hope you can understand my extreme anxiety. I have lost weight over this.  I'm usually very level headed and reasonable.

One more thing. The night of the 28th I woke up freezing with extreme shivering.
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Were I to be positive, it would be completely devastating.
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