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Do I need test


I happen to stumble upon this forum and seeing what you guys think.

A few month ago my buddies took me to a massage as a going away party for my marriage. They paid for a special massage which was a handjob and the massage said only this and no sex. I see from reading the pin info above saying handjob is no risk.

I guess with guilt from the handjob got me thinking when I was laying on my stomach so back facing her, when she started I felt small pokes but not major which probably was her fingernails? I read on 13 if indeed if was a needle it would be felt like deep sharp pain. Should I be be worried or get testing down now?

Thank you
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A handjob, even with fingernail pokes, is ZERO risk for HIV or any STDs.  You cannot get HIV (or STDs) from hands or fingernails, no matter what.
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