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Do My Symptoms Indicate HIV or any other STD?

Respected Members..
i am suffering anxiety of contracting aids ,though i havent had any kind of sex(oral or vaginal) and have never taken drugs..i am 20 yrs old.and a male
my case history is as follows -

on 2nd august,2010 my frnd visited a sex worker.
he told me that he had safe sex...but i dont really believe him....as he is kind of impulsive guy..and may have had unprotected sex..
on 26th august(after 24 days of his sexual exposure) i went to my frnd's home.
he uses a kind of oil to strengthen his penis(as he claims)... so i tried it on my penis...and Masturbated few minutes later..
from that moment i got extremely tensed about contracting hiv from him(i am not sure if he has HIV)....
all day and night ..i just thought about my death...and how my parents will feel hearing this.

"that oil somehow may have been contaminated with his pre ejaculatory fluid and hiv virus might have been transmitted into my body while masturbation" - this is what always surrounded my thoughts.

i got very tensed..
3 days after that unfortunate masturbation(on 29th AUG)...i got mild fever that continued..
it was actually a fever like sensation that occured whenever i woke up from sleep.
my sleep became irregular(maybe coz of immense tension..maybe coz hiv)..
i sweated a lot...had tinging sensation in my left arm..(can perpheral neuropathy occur in 3 days of contracting hiv??)..had loose stool initially (may be due to immense tension)

as time fly by ..
i have accepted myself as a HIV patient..(though i am nt sure abt that).
my tension has diminished to some extent...and neuropathy was non exitent after a week or so from probable exposure

today nearly two and a half month has passed by, after that masturbation (current date: 9th NOV 2010).....
my fever like sensation still persists...i have developed tonsilities which started troubling me more from mid october
i read in wikipedia that acute symptoms start from 14-28 days of exposure to HIV and persists for 1 month at maximum.
my questn is why am i not reaching the asymptotic stage of HIV( if i really have HIV) after nearly 3 months??
i am bearing this fever like sensation and tonsilities for 3 months..which is frustrating??
can the cause be any another infection??such as mononucleosis etc etc? or any autoimmune disease due to high tension(which i suffered a lot in the 1st month)
my frnd is yet healthy....he is a cool guy and doesnt gets tensed anyway

i do appreciate this community
looking forward for ur help..and advice
thank u very much
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Im not the expert but i would say that

you have no risk .. no risk at all
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thank u sir
for ur assurance..
but surely i have some problem...
as there must be some definite reason of my continued fever like sensation and tonsilities..
i am totally pissed off :(
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..ritz, bro..
..you are NOT infected with HIV..
..you sound as though you're very informed abt how HIV is spread because you stated..

"..though i havent had any kind of sex(oral or vaginal) and have never taken drugs.."

..you could have not gotten HIV frm wht you described, you are NOT infected with HIV..
..your symptoms DO NOT relate to HIV..

..I'll make a bet with you, try to stp thnkng abt this episode and I bet your symptoms go away..
I bet you..

Stop worrying,
Always use a Condom.
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GOD bless u people..
but i think i am the most unluckiest person in this world..
who has contracted HIV.... through masturbation after applying a good for nothing penis strengthening oil contaminated with pre ejaculatory fluid of a HIV infected(assuming his unprotected exposure with that sex worker here in india is risky) frnd
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hiv virus cannot live outside the body
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i havent had any kind of sex(oral or vaginal) and have never taken drugs - NO HIV RISK
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