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Elisa test after 1 year !

After 1 year of my visit to hong kong massage parlor and got handjob from a lady that suddenly went out of the room while the handjob ( i didn't know why ) and came back to finish the job and i was lying on my back with my eyes closed while the handjob which was very hard and took 15 minutes and i didn't notice what was in her hands ! It could be vaginal fluids or other guy semen .
Finally i decided last month to take test after 1 year of anxiety and i went to a famous lab in Egypt and considerd the biggest in the middle east and took a test .
The test called : hiv antibody (aids) test and it's a cheap one .
I gave my blood in the morning and got my result in evening .
It came back ; negative
My question is : does that test search for the antibodies of all strains and types of hiv ? And can that test gives false negative ? And should i retest because of the symptoms aren't go away !
Excuse me for my english .
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We are volunteers so you have to be patient, please.  Risks for HIV include unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  In no way is a hand job a risk for HIV.  Air inactivates the virus.  It doesn't matter what was on her hands.  You never needed to test.  After 3 months, any test is conclusive.  You don't have HIV.
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Thank you GuitarRox for your reply
But i can't find a reason for my sore throat that continues for 10 months now and i went to 5 doctors and took 5 antibiotics courses and i still feel discomfort .
Should i retest as they may gave me false negative !
Thank you .
You have been clearly and accurately told you had zero risk. Your sore throat is not due to HIV.  Nothing to add.  You didn't need to test the first time, you don't need to test again.  Zero risk means you couldn't have gotten HIV.
Thank you . I hope that my 10 months throat and under arm and nick pain go away to take the hiv out of my mind and go back to my normal life .
God bless you
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You were never at risk of HIV, as there was no penetration or exposure to shared needles.  
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Please can you answer me !
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