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Finger prick HIV test

Hi, on the 11th weeks past exposure i did finger prick(blood) abbott HIV test which come negative. This results its conclusive or i need test again on 12th week?
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I received unprodected oral from woman who is probably HIV+ and i fingered her. I had a lot of ars symphtons 10 days post this oral, including sore throat(stay 1,5month), a little rash on ma chest and neck, runny nose, and filling bad. Tested negative for any other std- gono, chlamydia in second week after.
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Thank you for explaining. You had NO risk for HIV transmission. The only risks are to have had unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV needles. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Fingering and oral are NOT risks for HIV no matter the other person's HIV status. NO risk.
if no risk so i dont need to test anymore? And my HIV test what i done its conclusive
You had no risk so never needed to test. Any test you took at any time would be conclusive as you had to have a risk to get hiv, right? So, testing questions are irrelevant. No risk means you can't get hiv at all.
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Please explain what your risk was.
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