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While fishing with a friend of mine who is HIV+, I caught a small Mullet fish 5 Cm length to use as a bait, I but it into the ice box filled with seawater, my friend take it and it prick his figure, after he but it back into the ice box I took it and pricked my figure too, it there a risk.
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Dear Teak, Please help and give your opinion, which is always trusted, and very helpful.
I'm so concerned.
All the Best
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Not a such thing as FIV.
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Let me correct that. There is FIV which is Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) but not fish immunodeficiency virus.
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Thanks a lot, really that's nice reply as usual, appreciate you give me some of your time.
So Fish Fin (needle) cannot carry Blood from my friend after pricking him and transfer it to my blood stream when pricked me.
SORRY, Just to be sure, That I understood your reply.
All the Best.
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