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Hello there
I've been exposed to a woman and we had a sexual intercourse three times ... and it happened that i didn't use a condom ... it was only vaginal and no anal

i had no symptoms at all .... but after 16 days from exposure her husband knew about what happened between us and it was a very stressful situation ..... then i started to have some symptoms and i do not know if these are HIV symptoms or is it just things that i am having from stress

what i had was a swollen gland on my left side of the neck and it was hurting a little bit .... and i had some rash on my chest like red dots with white heads on my chest ..... the swollen gland is gone by now .... but the chest rash is getting worse and has expanded to my shoulders and some on my face .... i took some anti-histamine medication but it did nothing and the rash is getting worse

FYI ... i have no other symptoms related to HIV .... no fever .... no night sweats ..... no diarrhea .... maybe i had a sore throat for a couple of days

should i be worried that this rash might be a sign of HIV infection or can stress cause such a wide spreading rash?
i am now 42 days from exposure ..... is it the right time to get tested for HIV?

Thanks in advance
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symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test at the appropriate time will accomplish that.

you can have an antibody test now for a good indication of your status.  follow up at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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thanks LIZZIE

but what about this strange rash? ... can it be from stress?

and about the antibody test that i need to have now ... is it HIV Ag\Ab or is it a different test?
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you don't need an antigen test at this point...just an antibody test.

no one can diagnose your rash over the internet.
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42 days = 6 weeks = 99% reliable result.Follow up at 12 weeks for 100%
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ok .... this is for the test HIV Ag/Ab .... am i correct?
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AG  = antigen
AB = antibody

all you need is an antibody test...but if you just "want" the duo...go for it.  the antigen part is not needed at 6 weeks.
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ok .... thanks a million for the help :)
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you are so welcome :)
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