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HIV Concern of used syringe

I don't know if I am paranoid or what. I went to a private health center for a test. I didn't see the Nurse tackle the syringe before me. After taking my sample, i panicked. I asked her if she reused a syringe on me and she said no. I took a hiv test 6 weeks after and it was negative, this time, like the previous one, I did not see her tackle the needle so i started taking PEP. 10 weeks after the first incidence (that is 3 days after taking the PEP for the second incidence)i took a test and it was negative yet again. I'm not just relaxed at all. Every little thing happening in my body i attribute it to all these. Right now, i have a persistent cough, don't know if it's the meds or what and i just noticed a swelling in my armpit?
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I do think you are being paranoid.  It is unlikely the needle was reused and for a blood draw, that is different that receiving an injection. Needle sticks are NOT a way HIV is transferred as air inactivates the virus. The only ways adults get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Again, IV drug needles are different than blood draws.  That you had a blood draw, then an HIV test because of fear of the blood draw and then renewed needle fear from the hiv test?  Sounds like classic anxiety. I'd work on the anxiety. Have you posted about this on the site before now?
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Besides, the only non sexual risk for hiv is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with, however you did not receive an injection so it wouldn't matter if the needle was reused.
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You should think over the situation, and ask yourself if the health center is so dumb that they infect people who take tests then get sued for massive amounts of money - the answer is the clinic is not dumb. Also note that you have no medical training yet you question that work of healthcare employees - which makes no sense.
The answer to the question you posed in your first sentence is yes, you are paranoid so next time you go for a test explain to the nurse up front so she can make sure you can see every step of the process - if she shows you that, you won't have to go through this imaginary risk fear again.
Seek therapy because no one here can help you with this fear illness.
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