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HIV Related Rash


Can anybody please tell me how long does an HIV related rash during ARS normally last?
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It varies. Apparently, it's normally across your chest. ARS symptoms usually appear 2-4 weeks after infection and can last a few days or a few weeks. However, not everyone experiences ARS, and...........


What was your risk?
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my risk was unprotected vaginal sex. I had a test after 4 weeks and it came out negative.

The rash I had was on my stomach and it lasted less than a day. Is this ARS rash ?
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It doesn't sound like it but I'm not a doctor.
Risk for one episode of unprotected vaginal sex is low. Your four week test is encouraging as most people will have seroconverted at that stage. Dr. H on this forum says a six week is conclusive, others say 12 weeks, it's up to you how much reassurance you want. 3 months is considered a conservative timeframe, and no one i've talked to has ever seen a six week change negative change to a 12 week positive.

Hope that helps. I don't think your rash is ARS. Remember symptoms do not equal HIV. Only a HIV test at the appropriate time can determine your true status.

Have you tested for all other STDs?
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4 weeks is very reassuring, it is said rash as a sign of hiv, rashes come from all sort of benign conditions, from hives to circular patchy rashes, like ringworm or eczema or psoriasis, a number of reasons more than hiv. ive had small patchy rashes as long as i can remember, not hiv.
your risk was very risky and you admit to it being very risky, carry condoms, stay safe and test through 12 weeks just to be safe. symptoms are never reliable indicator.
it points to something being off, but antibody test tell the story.
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Your rash was not ARS-related.

A rash alone (without fever or other symptoms of ARS) is highly unlikely, and the rash came and went too quickly.

Your 4-week test is highly reassuring. Based on the relatively low risk of insertive vaginal, you can rely on a 6-week antibody test result as definitive. Testing through 13 weeks is necessary only if it would help remove any remaining anxiety.

Your risk of HIV infection:

.0005 (risk from insertive vaginal) * .05 (chance that your 4wk result was a false-negative) = .000025, or 1/40,000, ASSUMING THAT THE GIRL WAS HIV+, which she likely was not.

Your real risk at this point is probably closer to 1/4 million, assuming a 1% prevalence of HIV in the general population.
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he is stating low risk here, with dr hhh he stated high risk msm unprotected.
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on 1-28
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dude, why would you lie about your risk?
Might I remind you this is a support forum? We're all trying our best here to be as supportive as we can and then you lie about your risk? Take the doctors advice, test in a couple of weeks and stop wasting everyone's time
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you know, we really cant be that hard on him.he probably lied to get perspective on the rash issue, but you are right, we should not lie about our exposure. we have to keep as accurate as possible. in order to help out one another.
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I never intended to lie or waste ur time. I said that it was vaginal sex cause I wasnt really comfortable with the whole male to male experience. Am sorry if that offended u.

I am just very worried about the rash. I mean there were two raised spots on my stomach surounded by red flat spots. It may have been skin irritation but I just want to make sure.

I just need to know how long does the ARS rash last ???

I was comforted with the 4 weeks result but the rash ruined everything
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It's VERY hard for ANYONE (doctors, forum members, et al) to assist you if you cannot be honest and open about your symptoms and exposures.

You said insertive vaginal sex but really had MSM anal sex (not sure if it was insertive or receptive at this point).

You mentioned a rash on your arm but now say your stomach.

This forum is, for all intents and purposes, anonymous. Many clinics also offer anonymous services. And conversations with your doctor (and any of his staff) are confidential.

In order to get any sort of relevant advice (here) or care (from your doctor), you need to be honest.

I understand the 'fear' of being outed - I'm bisexual, and not a person in the world who knows me knows about my MSM proclivities. But here, I'm honest, because otherwise it's just a waste of everyone's time.
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I never said the rash was on my arm...

it was insertive anal...and again am sorry if I lied
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What is the time frame for ARS?   How long after exposure?

3- 4  weeks?
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DRHHH says between 10 -20 days, last about 2-3 wks.what i gather from all this.
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so a rash that lasts for less than 1 day..maybe 12 hours, could not be ARS??
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maybe it wasnt a rash at all, 12 hrs then gone, could be hives from an allergy, if on stomach area, maybe you ate something, drank something gave you an allergy.rashes last days(normal) ointment treatment a couple days then gone not hours.
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Thanks tony.

Are ARS symptoms likely after 22 days? ( % ?)  I do know that fever is a likely symptom.

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Hmmm, this thread is a bit confusing. Icarus, I gather that your risk was receptive(?) unprotected anal sex? Am I wrong about that?

Anyway, your 4 week negative is encouraging, regardless of your "symptoms". And, in the end, symptoms don't matter much anyway, only your test results do. Follow the advice of your own doctor to determine how long to test out to. But, again, that 4 week negative is rather encouraging.
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I received unprotected oral sex on a Wednesday and by Saturday I had severe chest pain. I have never had any type of sex prior to this and I am scared that my first ******* exposed me to the virus. I dont have a fever or any other HIV related symptoms but the chest pain has lasted for almost two weeks. Am I at risk?
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Just to let u guys know...the pain has slowly decreased though over the course of the two weeks...the pain is still there but very dull.
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