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HIV/STI Risk - Protected Vaginal Sex, Unprotected Oral Sex with CSW


I am a 27 year old white heterosexual male living in Canada. Last week I had met with a commercial sex worker - an "upscale" one, for what it's worth. I took part in unprotected fellatio and cunnilingus with her. We then had vaginal sex twice, both times using a condom. The condoms did not break or slip off.

She told me that she had her last STI check a month ago and that she had tested negative for everything. She did not physically appear to have any symptoms, and did not appear to be an IV drug user.

I think its likely that my anxiety is getting the better of me, but I've found it extremely difficult to think of anything else over the past week, with the fear that I might have contracted something bad.

Any information the community can provide would be greatly appreciated. Should I be tested for HIV, or other STI's as a result of this encounter (I am regularly tested every 6 months or so, and my last negative test for everything was 3 months ago).

Thank you so much in advance for any advice.
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Hello Buzzyear

Anxiety can take over your life. Try to minimize anxiety by keeping yourself occupied . In terms of your encounter , you had no risk. Take care and be well.
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Your vaginal sex was protected so you had NO RISK for HIV.

Even though her STD tests were clear a MONTH ago, she IS, alas, a CSW......."upscale" or not. She has a LOT of business.

I would not worry about testing for HIV but I WOULD test for STD's. Far better to be safe than sorry.

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Thank you both for taking the time to comment and provide advice. I truly appreciate it.
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You're welcome.

Be safe out there
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