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I know that this forum has said that unprotected cunnunglus is a very low risk factor to contact HIV. However as the forum knows people still are nervous and worried.
I had a HIV 1&2 antibodies test thinking that I was 90 days out from contact.
The woman that I was with contacted me saying that she gave me the wrong date. This meant that I was only 55 days out from being with this woman.
My doctor said that the HIV 1&2 antibodies test is at least 90% accurate. He told me not to worried that I should have another test done in two weeks. This would be 90 days. He informed me that he has never seen a positive result from this test after someone had a negative reult at six weeks.

What is this forums views on this test and my doctors statement. He has told me that my chances of having HIV from cunnunglus is 1 out of 500. He is the head of infectious diseases.
I am going back in two weeks.

Please respond....I know this forums view on oral sex and the risk of HIV...but my real question is about the testing methods.


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Your doctor was incorrect. You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Hello Teak and thank you for your answer. I read some of your bio and I guess that if anyone knows about HIV it is definitely you.
I congratulate you for rising to the occasion.
I do not think I could be as brave and giving after being diagnosed with HIV, I am taking your response to my question as an absolute and I will live the next two weeks without fear.
That is something that I am promising you. Not a big deal I know but I appreciate you taking your valuable and experience time to write back.

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