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there is a guy' post shows Standard test(ANTI-body) can find the virus between week 2 and week 6 by percentage.

i am wondering the window period, so many HIV/AIDS (national des control ) point out test after 13 weeks is rule , they dont even mention  any test at 6 weeks mark.

ARS timing has huge difference among websites, thebody dr. bob said it takes weeks to appear the ars symptoms, and here Dr.HHH said between day 10 to 20 majorirty people with hiv will experience the ARS. i also found a web said between day 7 and 10.

i believe most of people in here are negative, therefore no exactly experience on ARS.

i still believe test at 6 weeks mark is very reliable, how come nurse told me must be after 3 months today?
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me agian, there is no oral quick test in this country, i cannot buy it in any shop even in the health care centre.

can i order a kit , then they post it by mail? i am in the europe.
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I am unsure about getting oraquick shipped to you overseas but the doc on here says that virtually all will test positive by six weeks and he also states he has never seen a six week negative turn positive later on. That is really reassurin in itself. I am here with you on all of the inconsistent data involved with window periods, testing time, and ars symptoms. I do know however that thirteen weeks or three months is considered the most conservative testing standards and is something that the cdc religiously stands by. But as others have posted before the cdc just wants to cover their own butt in this situation so that could be a reason the testing period is out further in that situation. Goodluck and Godbless!
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If you are referring to my percentage schedule - yes you can believe it as 'illustrative' if you don't want to believe the exact numbers.  Yes I think doc in this forum have never seen a 6 week neg turn out to be pos.  It is also true in forums I read (in Chinese) that CDC people in China has never reported any case that turns poz after six weeks.  So if you obtained your six weeks neg, relax.  It is just as that "how can I be sure that my condom does not have little holes?", that "how can I turn poz after six week test!". But remember, what I describe as accurate in six weeks is the enzyme-link test that use blood drawn from your vein (arm).
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China is a big country and have a high rate of this epidemic. Ainxtein, keeping that in view and the testing schedule guidelines you are posting on this website based on Chinese data, I hope what you are posting really holds some weight. Otherwise, what you would be doing is giving misinformation and encouraging false hope.

If indeed your posts are laying down the facts, I have to say that the testing schedule you are mentioning is extremely heartening for worried wells.
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thanks guys.

could you please add more information about ARS.

seems i have to wait for another 6 weeks.
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Emm. That's right. As in hiv-vct.com and hiv-aids.cn, both operated by CDC people in China (not central CDC) and has some experts (doctors in hospitals that do TESTING - not treatment - who, I think, are like Bob in thebody in some sense) as moderator, I personally believe that the 6 week thing is fact.

The question (6 week thing) has been posted thousands of times, and moderators there always answered they have never seen any case by themselves or via CDC internal reports.  Ms Cao (the expert laying out the schedule) has answered during the interview that she views 6 week test as conclusive, and that she can tell which kind of patient will show poz after 6 week (basically those immune system broken ones).  

Also, as a matter of medical knowledge, as seroconversion is done within 2-4 weeks (as it is believed), antibodies must show in the same period or shortly afterwards, which supports 6 week mark. (That's what I read). The percentage may be exaggerated or erroneous (I saw others say that 99% will show up at 6 weeks).

Believe it or not, it is a matter of one's own choice. Test at 3 months mark and get the final peace of mind.
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