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HIV Transmission

Dear doc,

My apologies if i am asking the same question which you might have read many times in your experience. Kindly answer for my satisfaction purpose

One month back a strip bar woman did Oral sex(blow job) to me with out a condom. I don't have any cuts on my penis at that time will there be any chances of HIV transmission if she is HIV positive. Adding to my ignorance i sucked her breasts as well, Can you please kindly let me know about chances of HIV tranmission in my case. My sincere thanks in advance.
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no doctor here to answer your question...

oral sex is low risk..even no risk... odds are 1 in 10000 explosure, pretty sure you are safe.. sucking her breasts if involved any exchange of fluids a small( negligble ) risk posses.. if you concern take a test 3 month mark to get your neg results..
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No risk.
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i remember i swallowed a drop or so while sucking her breasts and i am not sure whether she is HIV positive or not. what are my chances of getting HIV if i suck one drop or more? please answer me.
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No damn chance in freakin' hell, you won't acquire the virus in this fashion.
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