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HIV risk

My partner was tested yesterday for HIV rna and it shows negative. However I had unprotected sex with her around 2.5 weeks ago. However she is on PrEP. She is also a sex worker and had previous sexual contact with others few hours before having sex with me. Could HIV from semen of other men be left in her vagina that could have exposed to me to HIV?
Thank you.
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So, does she ordinarily use condoms?  Most sex workers do and if she does not, I'd consider not having her as your girlfriend anymore as that is irresponsible.  If she does, great.  Condoms will protect against HIV. The only risks to HIV are if someone has unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  She had a test now and was negative.  Great.  BUT, if she'd had unprotected sex from the time two and a half weeks ago that you two had unprotected sex until the time of her test,  it would have been too soon to test for HIV.  The earliest one can should take a 4th generation Duo test is at 28 days after their last exposure.  So, that 2.5 wee period is in question. She's on Prep though.  That's prophylaxis and is quite effective so if she was on that, this should cover her from getting HIV and also you.  But again, I hope she consistently and always uses condoms as that is not the only std she could acquire.  You need to protect yourself in this situation.
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Yes she does but I’m afraid sometimes it may have broke a little without her knowing. If a HIV positive guy has his semen leaked into her vagina and a few hours I had unprotected sex with her, will I get HIV?

Condoms don't break like that. they break wide open and create a mess.  If it is too stressful, I"m not sure this is the best person to be in a relationship with.  She's only at risk if the condom has broken.  And she's on Prep.  You are still too worried.  This might not be the best person to have a relationship with if you can't relax.
And really, if I were dating a CSW, I'd get on Prep myself.  Have you considered that?
Plus her clients put her at great risk for coronavirus so I would avoid getting close to her. I wish you the best so please think about the risk that you both are in.
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If you had unprotected intercourse with your partner any time before 10-14 days before the undetected RNA PCR test, you are safe.

Your partner has made a wise choice to be on PrEP, it certainly minimises the probability of infection from unavoidable incidents.  If you want to follow the guidelines of HIV testing, you can take a IV generation HIV test at 28 days from the date of your event, it is going to be negative.
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