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HIV symptoms ?

Anyone please help.  Sorry for my poor english.  4 years ago, I had protected sex with someone and after a week I have symtoms like bad cold, swallon lymph nodes behind my ears, night sweat and pain joints.  My penis also seems to have cut or somekind of infection but it was ok after a few days.  I am really panic and went to have some STD test and ELISA 4th generation test on the 8th, 10th and 12th days after the incident and they all came out negative.   I also done another test after 4 weeks in some hospital and came out negative as well.  However, I am really having too much pressure and didn't have a test after 3 months.  The doctor told me that I should not be worry too much since I've wear condom, so I am not at risk.  Having another test will just be a waste of money.  However, my thighs always has some kind of blisters which itchy all the times.  Normally there is only two or three blister everytime and they break in a few days and recover within a week.  I have see three different doctors and they say it doesn't looks STD because they say STD don't recover themselve, they said it looks like some kind of fugus infection.  The blisters symtoms are seasonal, sometimes they came out for a few months, but somtimes they are all gone.  However, this is getting worse this two years, the blisters can pop up like 10 to 20 everytime and it has spread to my bum, which makes me really worry.
       About a month ago, I have an unprotected sex with a girl which is unknown HIV status for less than one minute.  After 8th days, I found a rash on my left leg and it goes after a week.  After another week, I have a swallon  lymph nodes behind my right ear and I have a little red rash on my right leg.  I am totally freak out.  I start to look for other HIV symptoms.  Today I found there is a black dot on my togue.  2mm diameter.  I am pretty sure it wasn't there last week.  Also I found some very little dot under my arm pit and they have no colors. I don't know when they start to exist because they are so small that it is so hard to notice until I get close look at it.  I am very close to having a metal break down now.  Is these HIV/AIDS systomes?  

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First off, your encounter four years ago was protected therefore it was safe. Condoms work that is why they are considered to be safe sex, if it broke you likely would have known about it, you didn't mention it breaking, therefore you have nothing to worry about regarding your incident four years ago.

Concerning your second incident: You did have an unprotected sexual encounter and should likely get tested if you are concerned. However, your risk from a single incident of unprotected vaginal sex as the incertive partner is 4 in 10,000 if the woman was in fact hiv positive. Take it into consideration that she probably was not positive, then you really have an extremely low possiblity of becoming infected.

Lastly concerning your symptoms for hiv: No your rash does not sound like an ARS rash, it is typically present on the upper torsoe not on your leg of all places. ARS also ussually presents (90%) a fever of over a hundred degrees, which you obviously didn't have because you did not mention it. Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv. Finally, you should not be looking for symptoms, that is not wise and will lead you to believe symptoms for hiv are present when they are not there- like the rash on your leg which would not be a result of hiv.

The likelihood of you acquiring hiv from a minute of unprotected intercourse, with a portion of the populaiton that rarely has hiv in the first place is very very small. None of your symptoms sound like they are HIV related. You should get tested by three months after the incident, and the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you will not have hiv, so do not be so paranoid.
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My English is moderate too. First thing, we all have some rash, dot, pigmentation on our skin but we don’t pay attention to them, at this time you are getting more sensitive about your skin so you can see them now. Second  for ARDS ,fever is most important thing after that  other factor like generalized lymphadenopathy (not just 1 -2),maculopupular rash(not just 1-2 rash),night sweet, artheralagia,.....can appear after 2-6 weeks after exposure(maybe just in 30%-50%  hiv cases ARDS happen),
if I were you just to make sure100%  I do hiv test at 6-8 weeks ,but maybe it is not necessary if you just have vaginal sex and your partner is low risk.
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Thanks guys, the answer really ease my worries a lot.  However, I better go and check out the skin problem and the black spot on my togue.  I have done some research on the internet about itchy rash or blister on the thigh, there is too many factors which can course this.  However, most of the people say there is something wrong with the immute system, that's why the itchy rash/blister never goes away.  One of the doctor gave me some medicine, it recover in 2 weeks, but they pop out again after I stop taking the medicine.  It is very fraustrated beacuse they are itchy most of the time no matter I am at work or sleeping.  I ask 3 different doctors, none of them can 100% sure what it is and what cause it.  They say it could be some kind of fugus. Summer time is a disaster when I wear long pants,  it gets really bad when I sweat or wearing long trousers.  Regarding the black dot on the togue, people say it is not a good sign, it must be something goes wrong in the body.  I better get them all check out tomorrow.  
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you need to test 3 months post exposure from your unprotected sex exposure a month ago.  this is the only way to know one's status.
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