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HIV transmission through blood splashes to eyes

Hi. I am worried right now beause im in our clinic and i check the needle container(with needle cutter), just a size of big cup with a small hole on top middle area. As i hold it towards me and check it, the needles inside slide. I didnt feel any splash in my eyes but i am so worried that some droplets of blood from the needles might got into my eyes. And the worst thing if it has Hiv blood. i am so worried about getting infected by hiv. What do you think? Thank you for your answers.
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This is not a concern for HIV.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Really a far out and unlikely scenario of blood splashing in your eye but you wouldn't get HIV regardless from that.  HIV virus is fragile and becomes inactive when exposed to air.  No risk at all.  
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Hi GuitarRox. Thank you for your explanation. Im also thinking  that does the needle container really exposed enough to air because the hole is just a size of an iphone home button. Thanks again!
Since I told you the only ways that someone gets HIV, your question is not really useful.  But I'll answer it anyway. Is it one of the three ways that someone gets HIV?  No.  You will only have a chance to get HIV (and I say chance because in the area of risk, these are low risk from a single exposure) if you have unprotected vaginal sex with penetration, unprotected anal sex with penetration or use IV drug needles.  Eye splash is not a risk, period.  Nothing you say or add or question will turn that into a chance you got HIV from it as there is no chance.  No risk.  
My apologies. Thank you very much. Such a relief.
No reason to apologize.  I was just being very clear.  I'm glad you understand and hope that you can move on without fear.
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