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approximately 105 days had a relationship without a condom, after two weeks I had discharge and itching and some warts on the penis, and took azithromycin did not improve, then took doxilina no avail and had diarrhea and headache, and finally took cefriaxon and I have been sick since I made the cefriaxon 3 injections, such as weakness, muscle spasms and no muscle tone, weight loss, constipation and my gums are purple. I am very anxious
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Their is no clear way to answer this question because their are so many factors one thing I can tell you is that the CDC estimate that the odds of contracting hiv from unprotected sex male from female and on single event are 1-1000 not to say that people don't contract it from one single encounter. But it is a whole lot easier to contract it from sharing needles blood transfusion an female to male

GO GET TESTED! At this point your results will be almost definitive and the test is quick and can be as private as you like
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the doctor prescribed me these drugs and I did not take remeedios for diarrhea.
and before this relationship I've ever had a wart on penis is that bad? and discharge in the penis?
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but why the discharge on my penis that is amerelo morning and one drop throughout the day is clear, does not improve?
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THIS forum is hiv specific.

symptoms, or lack thereof, do not diagnose hiv.  if you want to know your hiv status...you can test now for a conclusive result and further testing will not be needed.
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