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High Risk Situation with High Risk Person?

I'm a married white male in my early thirties. In late October, I visited an adult video store after drinking a lot. A man (who told me later that he's there all the time) knocked on my booth to inform me the booth was broken (which it was). He told me to use a different booth and walked me to one that he "knew" worked. He then asked me if I was looking for head. Beyond all my comprehension, I said yes and it's been killing me ever sense. He aggresively gave me oral, licked my testicles and we kissed aggresively/ackwardly many times. In the process, I cut my lip (noticed the next day), didn't realize it and gave him oral for about 1 minute. He also rimmed me extensively before I wound up ejaculating in his mouth about 15 minutes from the beginning of this episode. As I left, he told me stop by soon to see him again. Ugh. He must be there all the time! This was my 1st gay experience. I'm now seeing a counselor to figure out why this ever even happened. He's had me wait 90 days before getting tested, which has driven me crazy. And then I found this website, which contradicts a lot of what he has told me.

He also had EVERYTHING pierced, for what that's worth.  

My questions:

1) What kind of risk did I expose myself to? He is clearly high-risk.

2) I had a flu shot 1 week after, would that interfere with getting significant flu symptoms?

3) What if he had performed this on others that evening? Could I have been infected by their DNA? I'm especially worried about the rimming and the cut on my lip.

4) Besides mental relief, should I be tested?

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Your risk was moderate, but not insignificant.  Transmission via oral sex is very low, but not impossible.  Rimming was not a risk.  Your counselor has given you good though difficult advise...CDC recommends testing at 13 weeks, which is just at 90 days.  Then, you are confident of an accurate test result (above 99.6% accurate).  Hang on and have hope.  Don't worry about flu shot or flu symptoms...as you have probably read, any symptoms are irrelevant when it comes to HIV - the test is what matters.  You definitely should be tested at the 13 week mark.  Again, have hope.  Your overall risk was low to moderate, and he was unknown status.  Statistics are really worthless at that point...but HIV is notoriously difficult to catch.  Stay out that situation in the future.  And...figure out what is happening with your sexuality; no need to put you and your wife or family at emotional or physical risk because you are conflicted about that.  Best of luck to you, my friend.  May Universal Architecture give you a pass on this one.
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Oral risk has never been proven by means of transmission.  Can it happen?  Yes, it's possible.  Did it?  Not likely. The guy may have been *high risk*, but even IF he did hiv, most likely you were not infected. Test for your own peace & then work with your counselor to get passed this incident.  Best of luck!
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Thanks Sparkeler for your last comment. I can't even tell you how this forum has probably saved my life. I consider my risk like this: 1/10000 for the oral = .01% and then not having any symptoms (the Good Doc says about 20-30% don't have symptoms), so it's something like .002% or 99.998% chance of not having it. Is this over rationalizing?
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No, your not over rationalizing it. The odds seem right. You are not infected.
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