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High risk lifestyle along with symptoms

I've been waiting to test for HIV, because of participating in gay sexual activity. I met a guy on Grindr and we had protected anal sex. Also I picked up a street worker in the downtown Atlanta area and we also had protected anal sex . I'm worried that the condoms could've possibly leaked from the top or tampered with by the first guy mentioned. I also performed oral sex on three random guys unprotected. Since these events I've been suffering with HIV symptoms very specific to the information I've read from doctors here and other online platforms, bit what really concerns me is that I e had fever, cold symptoms, a rash that is spreading on my back and it's getting worse over time, the rash only itch when I'm thinking about it and I'm of agitated , it leaves datks large areas on the upper part of my back . I've also had a large gland in my groin area that was swollen for three days and also the back of my neck. I live in Atlanta Georgia where HIV is relatively high and compared to third ward countries of the world. I've always been knowledgeable about the symptoms that are associated with seroconversion. I would read them a lot from Dr. Hhh and mines are very specific to the details he elaborate. The guy that I met from Grindr has been ignoring me when I asked him about his status and has also sent lab work to me that has nothing to do with HIV and hiding his name on the lab work with his hand from the picture he sent to me of some bogus test results about Jam2 negative whatever that means. He's lying about his status and I believe he used a condom that could've been tampered with, expired, or not properly placed on his penis, because these symptoms occurred possibly two weeks after him. I'm starting to become really scared and the rashes that are appearing and getting bigger on my back are really scaring me
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It doesn't sound like you had a risk. Symptoms are not used to determine whether someone has been infected, so they're irrelevant. If you were to go visit an HIV specialist about this, they would ask you what was your risk (you seemingly had none), and then they would recommend testing, or not, based on whether you had a risk or not. You're free to get tested if the negative results will give you piece of mind to confirm your negative status. A 4th generation ag/ab test is considered conclusive anytime 28 days or more after exposure. You really had no exposure but you get the idea.
Could I be one of the worried souls on here to acknowledge that medhelp knows it stuff? I was tested for HIV today and the results are negative. Oral sex is completely safe sex in respect to HIV.  Condoms  highly protect you if used . Medhelp is a great place for someone whose seeking reliable information. Thank you !!!!
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