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Hiv exposure please help

Hello dear im male 37 years old .. i was drunk yesterday i mate a csw in da road i went her place ..she puts condom and eithin the intercourse my penis sleeps coz i drunk i take it out and the condom takes off easly am i at risk what should i do ?
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Thx dear
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It sounds to me as if your condom protection was complete.

You lost your erection and withdrew and the condom was still on your penis yes?

If so you can relax there is virtually zero risk of condom protected sex for HIV.

Please follow up if not clear, or got something wrong.
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Yes dear it was on but i dont reach to ending point to  ejaculate coz i drunk ... thats why im affraid if my penis touches her vagina or even penetrates just a seconds for example whats the risk by percantage
It didn’t the condom was still on covering the important parts.

So your risk is 0% or extremely close to it.

You can safely move on.
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